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  • Delphi Delphi Apr 3, 2012 16:13 Flag

    Kenny is still the right man for the job

    Yes but he didn't spend the equivalent of £100m

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    • That's true Delphi, but he did spend over 20 million, which in those pre-premiership days was a huge sum, before winning his first title.

      To put things in perpsective, Roy Keane cost less than 4 million, what would he have cost this year - at his peak, not now :-)

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      • It’s a good point Ralf, Fergie of course did not spend 100M. Its called inflation. Fergie had basically one big spending club to compete with, and that was us, which is nothing like competing against the likes of Chelsea or City.

        7 years before a first title, 3 years before his first piece of silverware (FA Cup) and healthy spending comparable with the money spent by the richest clubs at the time.

        Compare that with Silverware in just over a year, spending healthy, but not even close to the biggest spenders in the league, and patience has run out before his first full season has finished!