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  • Hobsey Hobsey Apr 2, 2012 15:48 Flag

    Kenny is still the right man for the job

    This is in stark contrast to the majority of posts over the last couple of days!

    The season is without doubt a massive failure in the Premier League, that cannot be disputed. We have put in some woeful performances of late, the 'playing well and losing' has been replaced with 'just losing'. Everybody worth there salt knows its not about the mistakes you make but how you recover from them and there have been plenty this season.

    The way I see it, Kenny came in, in our darkest hour and saved us at a humiliating time and got the best out of an ageing squad. He then cleared out the 'dead wood' and brought in a lot of younger players on smaller wages to freshen up the squad and has been judged immediately on their first year performance. He's also put a pot on the shelf. Now I am not saying he has done fantasticly but, for me, he has done enough to earn another crack at it.

    What he does in this summer transfer window will be absolutely vital. We have a good young core of British 'talent' and I cant see anyway that John Henry wont be willing to go and spend straight away again. If we go out and splash the monies on Luk de Jong, Junior Hoilett, Wilfrid Zaha etc then we will go nowhere very quickly. Good players they may be but we have a squad full of 'good' players, we need players that are clearly better then we have got already. I'm not going to go on listing big star names but if it isnt those guys then there is no point spending at all. This summer is almost as scary as the last!

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    • Well said Hobbs.

      Just put something into perspective, I have no problem with those making the case they want change, although I do tire of the wind up artists. But I do wish some of the naysayers would at least be logical (maybe actually read before they post) in their argument.

      In press and on posts I see yet again KD is a failure because he spent too much money on players who have failed. But how does a 2-nil defeat at Newcastle prove that? Henderson, Adam did not play, and Downing only got a couple minutes. Carroll of course did, and he did make a bonehead decision going over in front of Krull, but then again he had incredible touch (he's not suppose to) and pace (he's suppose to be slow as an ox) to even get into the box in the first place.

    • Hobitez...good post mate. I asked in a different thread today how many of these doomsayers... all claiming to have supported the club for many years...will be at Wembley IF we get to FACUP FINAL chanting... SACK DALGLISH !!! Before the kick-off ?
      As u say Kenny has put one pot on the shelf which has ensured European football next season for the club ...dont knock t u doomsayers out there it brings in money to the club.
      I agree wholeheartedly we must ditch this idea of buying in :potential: and go for proven quality ...CAVANI ...splash the whole of the transfer kitty on the man if necessary. Im not sure about Downing and Carrol think Kenny must be ruthless in his assessment of them from now till end of season if they dont pull therir weight get em down the road. Think the kids should be given their chance NOW !!! Nothing to lose no pressure on them best possibler time to try and uncover couple gems among our youth or lets ditch the youth policy alltogether as it doesnt make sense to have ayouth policy if u going to wait till some of em are 25 before blooding em...???
      For me its Kenny for the job at least till end of next season then see where we are at...the idea that any new man in the managers chair wouldnt change the manner in which we play and I DO THINK WE ARE GOING TO GET IT RIGHT is absolutely laughable and that in itself is a big risk with the playing staff we have right now and may set us back two seasons in our development. Things are not good but there are a lot more factors at work against us at the moment than most of the doomsaying imbeciles on this baord care to acknowledge

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      • As I said on another thread do you seriously think that a player of Cavani`s calibre is going to join a club that can`t offer him CL football? When players with his sort of talent move on they are looking to move up not down, and having played CL football this season he will want to do the same again. And its not just about the lack of CL football next season, at the moment liverpool don`t have the look of a team that can make the top 4 next year. Its a catch 22 situation, in order to attract the sort of players they need to get in to the top 4 liverpool have to look like a team who could already make the top 4. Which is why they need to go on a good run and if that could include the fa cup so much the better. Its all well and good winning the carling cup, a trophy is a trophy, but it doesn`t have the same sort of international recognition that the fa cup has. The fa cup is viewed as a major trophy. Its domestic football`s erquivalent of the CL, whilst the carling cup is the equivalent of the europa league; its nice to win it but you would much prefer it was the other cup competition.

    • Think about it. Fairplay rules say spend what you earn. Cup runs actually don't bring in that much. Every place down the table loses quarter million pounds. Only big money is from CL. Henry cannot put his hand in his pocket again. There will be a limited transfer budget. Even with that Henry will be concerned at value for money after most of the last signings were poor. Most players cleared out will bring in little money and big loses if it includes Carroll Downing Henderson and Carroll.

    • Oh, meant to add the NASA finding which was that a well organised and complementary team of average individuals will outperform super stars every time. They found that super star individuals were less important to success than well organised and motivated average team players.

      In other words, a few more Suarez and Gerrards are less likely to bring success than welding the current squad into an effective force - and that is wholly down to the manager and coaching staff in my book.

    • I agree with everything you've said. I don't recall one mumur of dissent when we splashed the cash, because all the players bought were superstars for their respective teams. Downing's assists, Adam's goals, Carroll's strength etc etc. We've seen none of it this past 8 months. So it ain't Kenny that's the problem, its the players - they can't be trusted. They just don't have the mental strength or the desire to win league matches.

      Next season we have to get proven class and not just potential. I've no doubt there will be an inquest at the end of the seaon, but one conclusion from it should be, we need to invest even more heavily than we have done recently

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      • In part I agree, in part not. Can´t recall but someone on here analysed our net spend compared to Man City, Chelsea etc and we are talking peanuts when that is done. We have also shed a bucketload of wages spend, I recall some 850,000 per week. So far, agreed then a good job done.

        Where I have a problem is that the players (who all can and have performed in the past be it at LFC or elsewhere are clearly not performing now and that suggests there is a large basic problem somewhere which instead of lessening is growing. Whether that is down to KK and SC remains to be seen but, sadly for me , it´s looking more and more likely that that is where it lies.

        We have to trust the yanks to sort it out at the end of the season, if not sooner.