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  • Can some of the private frasers "we're all dooomed!" on here,please tell me why sacking a man who eats,breathes and sleeps LFC and replacing him with? guarentees success? and do you all think John Henry would give the new guy unlimited funds? the worlds top players would flock to Anfield?
    Or would these hopeless,useless players you've spent all season slagging off suddenly become the superstars we all hoped they'd be?
    For what this guy has done since coming down in '77 he deserves at least another season.

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    • nevertopthe k....I have posted on a half dozen threads... this guy armchair is a chump flapping his gums ...its pointless thinking any of us are going to engage this as u say bufoon in any kind of meaningful intelligent football oriented dialogue...hit the IGNORE button on this bore and channel your intelligence and posts to dialogue with those who merit it cos this chump clearly doesnt .do we need people the like of him as part of the Worldwide support ?

    • Most fans eat and breath LFC and don't like what they see. Hodgson did better and was sacked. Everyone loves Kenny but you cannot give chance after chance. As things are LFC have just done enough to avoid relegation. Kenny doesn't even seem to have the ability to make substitutions to change games.

    • Armchair, the more I read of your posts on here the more I'm convinced that your just a total buffoon !
      You say you're a 42 year old lifelong Liverpool fan but speak with the naivity of a teenager.
      Your ignorance for a supposed "lifelong" Liverpool fan is incredible. You know nothing about Hillsborough and obviously don't wish to read up on this, and the way you act like a child when things go wrong is unbelievable,"this doesn't work get me a new one, get me Messi, get me Mourhino"!
      For fucks sake get in the real world, shit happens so get a grip rather than chucking the dummy out when things go wrong!
      You say you are a Liverpool supporter but haven't read the Taylor report and also apparently has no idea about Kenny and what he has given to the club. To spout the lazy shite that the media dose about being out of management too long...PLEASE. Do you honestly think someone with a football brain like Kenny's ever switches off?
      Yes everyone deserves an opinion but not when it's so shallow.
      So if you want to start trying to support then do so or fuck off to another team.

    • Armchair, I did not jump on the other thread covering this issue as I could not put my feelings down as clearly as Loki and Damo who were both there, so I had nothing to add to their posts.

      But I did also see the apology you put up on the other thread, which is enough for me, and no more needs to be said.

    • Ok to put this to bed once and for all..

      If I'm mistaken I apologise.

      it was just something that occurred to me..

      Perhaps it was one of things I should've just kept to myself..

      Yes the fences played a huge part as people were rammed against them.. it's my understanding the fences were put there cos they were getting many pitch invasions from fans
      after the games.

      DSteer amongst those on this board you're the one who tends to have careful measured approach. I applaud you for that sir..

      I always read with interest what you say.

      Perhaps I made those comments with an air of ignorance to the subject at hand not knowing the full facts..

      With that being said I'd like to offer my humble & sincere apologies to all affected.

    • Armchair I really don't want to start a Hillsborough debate on here. But I will ask you one simple question. If as you state it was all down to just those fans without tickets, then why the Taylor report and the cost to all the clubs in the country to upgrade their grounds?

      If it was just a matter of fans without tickets, a stronger and or higher fence around the ground and more turnstiles to check fans have tickets would be all that is required to keep us safe.

      We could have kept the terraces; we would have no need to build a new stadium as Anfield would already hold 60Kplus. No need for seats, no need to tear down the perimeter fence, no need to upgrade stewarding and policing. All a waste of money.

      I understand you don't go to games due to concerns about being in large crowds, so understanding this from a directly personal level maybe hard, but surely if you've ever read the Taylor report, or the many analysis, summaries or other commentaries about it, you could understand on some level the many dangers at Football grounds prior to Hillsborough?

    • LOKI ...DAVE...this guy armchair isnt a wind up merchant , he doesnt have sufficient nouse for such. Hes just simply... with the emphasis on the word :simply:... a fool, a chump flapping his gums with no knowledge of the game. With his views on Hillsborough...which are tantamount to a gross insult....every true Red fan on this board should just press the IGNORE button on him and let him rot in his damned armchair.

    • Well Loki I saw it happen on TV and LFC fans without tickets are to blame for what happened..

      Who then due to being selfish decide to kill 96 LFC fans who'd bought tickets..

      So blaming any1 else is incorrect..
      Those selfish fans in effect have caused the demise of our club in a way.

      As that was a tradegy that didn't need to happen then Kenny wouldn't have been in pieces.. We'd then have gone on and kept Kenny and no doubt had won many more titles..

      All due to these selfish so called LFC fans..

      I'm no wind up merchant as u put it..

      I'm just a very passionate LFC fan who cares so much about this club..

    • I'm 42 DSteer I was threfore around and saw the match and saw the tradegy at Hillsborough..

      I know how much hurt that caused..

    • D - I'm beginning to think that Armchair doesn't know his @rse from his elbow.

      Obviously if 96 people in his family died in sudden, horrific, inexplicable circumstances then attend all the funerals, have the same conversations over and over with different families, he would just be able to take it on the chin wouldn't he? Hell, he would be off to work the next day as if nothing had happened!

      Bear in mind that this is the guy who blames Liverpool fans for Hillsborough (its all in a previous post) .

      But you're right about the last statement. Lucifer wept! How can he so forcefully make his opinion about changing our manager, and then hypocritically say we don't want to be a club that changes its managers every 5 minutes? I'm beginning to think he's a wind-up merchant.......

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