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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Apr 3, 2012 08:43 Flag

    why ?

    You're missing one omission..

    AF didn't leave MU then go back 12 or so yrs later, and also AF wasn't out of club management for sometime, nor when he did decide to go back to management.. did he fail at a EPL club before joining MU for the 2nd time. As Kenny did with LFC..

    Yes Kenny had difficulty dealing with the Hillborough incident. As did we all. However we weren't manager of LFC.

    No MU stuck with AF for those 7yrs.

    So you can't really compare like for like regarding MU & us..

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    • so when you get your wish and get your new messiah,if he isnt in the top 4 after 14 months will you be calling for change? are you russian? have taste for big yachts and in the oil business?

    • Lets dissect that a little by looking at what you've left out Armchair,.

      SAF appointed 1986.
      First season 11th - well they were a poor team so even though they did worse than Kenny on his return not surprised the mancs were patient
      Second season 2nd - The Scot is a genius and we should expect the same thing from Kenny otherwise throw him out?
      Third season - 11th again. Wow that is a big step backward why on earth did they keep him?
      Forth season - 13th he's going backward. I know mancs are not supposed to be very smart but are they insane to have this much patience!
      Fifth season - 6th, at last climbing in the right direction, mind not far of where we are right now or where we might end up, and it took him 5 years to get there, surely they should have got some Italian or Portuguese in instead?
      Sixth season - 2nd again, and only took 5 years in between to get back there.
      Seventh season - finally they won the title. Good job the mancs are insane (sorry patient) otherwise who knows what would have happened!

      Seems to me that SAF was not only worse in all but his second season that Kenny has been so far, but also a far more inconsistent also. Seems there is only one thing that saved SAF if you look beyond league standings, and that is he won a few pots along the way.

      That is what saved SAF, he won the FA cup, and the mancs decided a domestic cup was enough progress to show a little more patience. Mind you, he did not win that trophy in his first full season as Kenny has done, nor been up for a potential double, no he waited 3 years before putting anything in the cabinet.

      Maybe, just maybe Ajay has a point. Could patience be a virtue?