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  • Armchair I really don't want to start a Hillsborough debate on here. But I will ask you one simple question. If as you state it was all down to just those fans without tickets, then why the Taylor report and the cost to all the clubs in the country to upgrade their grounds?

    If it was just a matter of fans without tickets, a stronger and or higher fence around the ground and more turnstiles to check fans have tickets would be all that is required to keep us safe.

    We could have kept the terraces; we would have no need to build a new stadium as Anfield would already hold 60Kplus. No need for seats, no need to tear down the perimeter fence, no need to upgrade stewarding and policing. All a waste of money.

    I understand you don't go to games due to concerns about being in large crowds, so understanding this from a directly personal level maybe hard, but surely if you've ever read the Taylor report, or the many analysis, summaries or other commentaries about it, you could understand on some level the many dangers at Football grounds prior to Hillsborough?