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  • redevildetester redevildetester Apr 3, 2012 09:24 Flag

    To the kenny out brigade

    Patience, remember what happened up the east lancs road

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    • Yes they waited years for the title but did not spend £100m and went into freefall. They also did not defend a player who was out of order and made it a PR disaster.

    • I'm actually amazed that the houses of parliament are not in Liverpool...

      Scousers and politicians: working in partnership to rob you at every opportunity.

    • KD was given a job to do.

      He was given the brief finish in the top 4 every season.

      He's gone and failed hasn't he?
      When he took over we were a shambles and hey guess what..

      We're still a shambles as he's blown £100m on substandard players. When KD took over we were facing relegation looks like we're gonna be facing it again, judging by our performances.

      The man has no plan B. When we were beating Sunderland we should've closed up the defence so tight it would've taken a tank to mow us down..

      Yet he didn't so we lost that game.. The Newcastle game we looked totally clueless.. The list goes on..

      So little wonder we're in the position we're in..

      I want whats best for the future of LFC and if this is the best KD can do and break the contract he signed with FSG. Then he should be sacked in the summer..

      Despite RB failings the man had to deal with H&G who gave him pocket money to buy players with..

      Never did RB get us this bad.

      I'm not a RB arse kisser as many would believe I just see the overall results he did.

      CL in 2005, worst league position was 7th.. Yet he achieved it all on a shoestring budget..

      I'd be very interested how he'd fair with FSG who're good owners..

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      • That's it. Too far now.

        Firstly do you know who exactly purchased the players last Summer? No. Comolli was involved for sure and there was and obvious brief to buy UK based players and never mind the cost. We do not know to what level KD was involved in the transfers.

        Secondly your hero the Spanish Waiter nearly broke the club. I have not met a single person or come across a single argument that justifies what he did while he was in charge. I'll admit he started well with the likes of Reina, Alonso etc. but there after it was a case of looking and saying what has he done now! He may have been fed peanuts in the transfer market but all he bought was monkeys and then put them on big wages. We were a complete laughing stoke while this guy was around.

        Why did you think we had to spend £100m on UK based players? Because of what Benitez had put in place beforehand that's why. His last season we were 7th and heading in the same dircetion as we are now.

        I'll agree we have problems and things aren't going well but to scream for the Waiter to return without undersanding the damage he did is ridiculous. Why isn't he working now? How long did he have at Inter? Why has he fallen out with the board at Valencia, Liverpool and Inter? Oddly Valencia were pretty skint when he left as well.

        No doubt you'll counter with some Net spend garbage which holds about as much weight as a feather in a hurricane when you look at signing on fees, wages, time on the pitch etc. Shoe string budget? Don't make me laugh. Keane £18m or whatever it was wasted, Aquilani £22m wasted and they were transfer fees only. Add the wages and stuff it becomes comical.

        You may get your wish and see KD leave his position as manager but that will only expose the hole that needs to be filled thanks to the problems we've had at the club since the 1980's. There are things that need to change at the club and changing a manager every two minutes will only succeeed in more costs and volatility

        Rant temporarily suspended. I'm going to grab a coffee to cool off

    • Hello Armchair, just got back from the game. It is a fair comment and I understand, but I don't really empathise.

      In answer to your question, my conviction is not shaken in the least about Kenny being manager for one more season. What you are advocating, in effect is our 4th manager in 3 seasons, not the model of stability that we all want.

      Some advice for you my friend. Don't post about the likely outcome of matches before they're finished, it will save you looking a little bit foolish. Couldn't you wait 10 minutes?

      You know, today, although we started badly, the second half in particular was sustained pressure, the Goalie did some excellent saves and we hit the woodwork again! (Fine margins Armchair, very fine margins)

      As to comparing Kenny and Hodgson, I don't remember us bringing in any silverware when Roy was in charge. The second thing to remember is that Hodgson was never FSG's man - he was the cattle rapists. The same thing happened at City with Mark Hughes when the Sheikh took over.

    • Tactics have most certainly bin lacking as of late, whenever we have managed to beat teams our tactics have bin spot on, leads me to suspect our recent lack of form has bin to a mix of crappy player rotation and just general lack of desire.


    • Don't get me wrong DSteer it's good we won the CC. My point is that the league position ie top 4 is wherer the money is.

      This season has been a bit of a mess..

      Such as why hasn't KD brought on more defenders to keep a victory.

      Such as we had the Sunderland game won yet he should've brought on more defenders and shut up shop.

    • Yesa ma8 I've played many times.. However I did get a fortune to play.. If I had then I'd have no reason not to play my guts out.

      Unless I was ill or carriying an injury..

      The players at LFC get paid more money than many get paid in a month.

      Sure decisions go against you but then that should be even more more motivation to win?

      The lottery is a game of chance.. If I don't win I accept it.

      Footballers are professionals..

    • Loki a question for you..

      As it looks like A. Villa are gonna beat us (at the time of writing). Do you still want KD as manager? Bearing in mind he's looking to be just as bad as Hodgson was.

      Yet Hodgson wasn't given time so why should KD?

      Thats a fair comment I feel.

    • Armchair

      Just read my post back - sorry that came over more aggresive than I meant.

      I just wondered if you still think he can't motivate them or if you feel you were wrong in that particular point (even if you still think he's not the man for the job)?

    • No I don't think KD is the man to see us foward. Not after today's gane against Villa..

      The man is short of ideas. He clearly isn't able to motivate the players..

      Villa were there for the taking and we scraped a draw. Which makes no better than we were and still makes us look like a club in freefall.. As the teams around us will overtake us.

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