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  • redevildetester redevildetester Apr 3, 2012 09:24 Flag

    To the kenny out brigade

    Patience, remember what happened up the east lancs road

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    • Armchair

      Just read my post back - sorry that came over more aggresive than I meant.

      I just wondered if you still think he can't motivate them or if you feel you were wrong in that particular point (even if you still think he's not the man for the job)?

    • Hey Armchair

      After the 10 man display against Blackburn, do you want to rethink/revise your Kenny "clearly isn't able to motivate the players" opinion?

    • All fair enough Armchair, but it doesn't explain your position that if you don't win it's because you weren't motivated enough.

      Weren't the other examples I gave you all reasonable reasons why a team might not win?

    • Players need to earn our respect as paying fans we expect our money's worth..

      Thats players who're committed to the cause.. The cause of doing their very best for LFC.. Same goes for KD.. he needs to put out the best team he can and the best tactics that'll work..

      This season his tactics have been woeful. It's about time those who support KD through thick and thin, looked at the facts of his tactics and team selections.. As well as substitutions and ask themselves.. "Is this the best LFC can do?"

    • Hello Armchair, just got back from the game. It is a fair comment and I understand, but I don't really empathise.

      In answer to your question, my conviction is not shaken in the least about Kenny being manager for one more season. What you are advocating, in effect is our 4th manager in 3 seasons, not the model of stability that we all want.

      Some advice for you my friend. Don't post about the likely outcome of matches before they're finished, it will save you looking a little bit foolish. Couldn't you wait 10 minutes?

      You know, today, although we started badly, the second half in particular was sustained pressure, the Goalie did some excellent saves and we hit the woodwork again! (Fine margins Armchair, very fine margins)

      As to comparing Kenny and Hodgson, I don't remember us bringing in any silverware when Roy was in charge. The second thing to remember is that Hodgson was never FSG's man - he was the cattle rapists. The same thing happened at City with Mark Hughes when the Sheikh took over.

    • Yesa ma8 I've played many times.. However I did get a fortune to play.. If I had then I'd have no reason not to play my guts out.

      Unless I was ill or carriying an injury..

      The players at LFC get paid more money than many get paid in a month.

      Sure decisions go against you but then that should be even more more motivation to win?

      The lottery is a game of chance.. If I don't win I accept it.

      Footballers are professionals..

    • Hey Armchair

      I'm not sure if you've ever played the game before but there are many reasons other than motivation why you might not win.

      You might have some bad luck, you might not play very well, you might have some bad decisions against you, you might play very well but the other team might play even better.

      But it's not just football it happens in life as well. If you've ever wanted to win the lottery and failed, do you think it was because you weren't motivated enough?

    • If they were motivated why didn't we win?

    • I really don't agree with a lot of that.

      "He clearly isn't able to motivate the players."

      Did the players look unmotivated to you today?

      "we scraped a draw"

      I don't get how anyone can watch that game and feel that we scraped a point. We were the better team by a distance, had what look a good goal chalked off, had three pen appeals turned down (one at least looked a certain pen to me), had Kuyt miss an open net from two yards, hit the inside of the post.

      I think it was Villa who scraped the draw.

      I know you want Kenny out but using todays match as the 'final straw' is just plain daft in my opinion.

    • No I don't think KD is the man to see us foward. Not after today's gane against Villa..

      The man is short of ideas. He clearly isn't able to motivate the players..

      Villa were there for the taking and we scraped a draw. Which makes no better than we were and still makes us look like a club in freefall.. As the teams around us will overtake us.

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