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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Apr 3, 2012 18:14 Flag

    so is this success?

    If the doomsayers can just confirm something for me,are you saying that finishing in the top four is more important than cup wins?
    If so would you take the time between seasons 95/96 and 99/00 when although we finished in the top 4 every season we won cock all and dress it up as a more successful period than the 14 months Kenny has been in charge.
    If you ask a supporter the dates of trophy wins they will have a good chance of remembering them,can you remember where we came in93?,01? 98?
    The old adage used to be "people don't remember runners up"I'm pretty sure they don't remember 3rd and 4th !

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    • The thing is the CL is where the money is. So finishing in the top 4 season after season is where the money comes from..

      Thats where the top players wanna be. In a club who plays CL football.

      They'll not care that a club won a domestic cup. So yes it maybe good to have bragging rights in our country to have won silverware.

      However to those outside of the UK the Carling Cup will mean little to them.

      By them I mean the star players who're bring success to that club..

      So if having us in the CL or having no CC I'll take the CL. As thats where the money will come into the club.