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  • Following the 'off - loading' of Charlie Adam to Liverpool and the bonus he received for doing so Ian Holloway must be the happiest chap in the north - west. What a salesman to be able to sell someone so useless for so much. I think Jan Molby could still pass a ball better than him today.

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    • Hes not bad for a 3rd choice midfielder, If Lucas and Gerrard were both fit then he would be a rotational player anyway. For £6m I think he is a decent player, I think he slopped off a bit before his injury but him and Lucas were killing it early season. He still has the most assists for us this season too.

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      • Hobitez...as usual a sensible calm assessment from u ...Charlie Adam for me was a bargain at 6mill...as u say he linked well with Lucas early season and to suggest the man cannot pass the ball ? ...I think some of these posters just arent watching the same game as us ?

      • I agree Hobbs, its about expectations. Adam was the player of the moment last season, so think everyone thought he'd become our Scottish Alonso. But fact is the club nor Blackpool saw him that way, otherwise why was the valuation only 6M rather than being closer to 20M (what did we sell Alonso for?)

        We got what we paid for imo. A good, strong squad player.

        I'd also note the fall off in his performances, and the rise of his critics seems to coincide with the loss of Lucas. Personally I think his lack of pace means he needs a holding midfielder next to or behind him for him to be at his best. He's not a high quality box to box midfielder who is as good going forward as he is defending, but very few are, and they cost a few bob over 6M!

        But I'd also note in addition to his assists, look at how many OG's are down to him. Not sure its a stat captured anywhere, but I remember at least a couple of goals early doors that went to the dubious goals panel.

    • Well imagine how Ashley and Pardew feel.