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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 5, 2012 15:44 Flag

    A great piece, (imo), of things as they are

    I agree it is overall a well balanced article. White compared to most of the commentators on Yahoo (and in general really) does actually seem to think before he starts writing.

    My only issue is a slight disagreement on the purchases. I will grant to date our buys have underwhelmed, while Newcastle on the other have done the opposite, but do think you need to peel the onion on that statement a little.

    There has been some debate on here about who is responsible for our buys, KD, or Damien. But I'd put up another. Who was responsible for the brief given; Young and British? And, was it the right brief?

    Newcastle went with an almost opposite approach. The buys were not old men, but were established known internationals. Also, by buying a pair of African players, they got a discount. British players we know have a premium, but with a player a club knows is going to be away for at least a couple weeks every other year there is a discount.

    I'd also argue they got very, very lucky with Ba. Now one mans luck is another mans smarts, but half a dozen clubs around Europe took a pass on Ba, not because he's not a good player, but he's a known injury risk who's failed a number of physicals. Credit, to Pardew and company for taking that risk and for the fact it paid off, but it’s obviously a risk we and many other clubs were not willing to take when Ba was available on a free.

    Which is the better brief maybe debatable depending on what your goals are. Going for proven obviously will improve a side more in the short term, but is it going to improve the club as well in the long term, and is it the most efficient way to go over the long term.

    Just to illustrate the point, Spurs got a huge boost to their strike force by bringing in Adebayor on loan, but he'll do sod all for them next term, unless Harry stumps up a load of cash plus add to his wage bill. Great for a short term boost, but I'd say we're still building our foundations, rather than looking for the capstone.