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  • Lfc Lfc Apr 6, 2012 18:12 Flag

    A great piece, (imo), of things as they are

    Good article, but it's pro KK. Let's be honest, in football numbers rule, and the numbers say that we are free falling FFS!

    The reality is that we have lost respect in the league, any team coming to Anfield expects points, we are not competing for a top 4 spot, we are 4 points above 13th place.

    It all becomes obvious when I look at the squad, there's no quality, and consequently we are where we belong: 8th place!

    A good manager creates synergy, KK hasn't done it. I turn red in envy when I see SAF's mediocre team about to deliver another EPL title... ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!

    Supporters adore KK for who he was as a player, but as a manager he has been a complete disappointment. The truth is that we can't blame luck or refs this season, we have played crappy, uninspiring footy for a long time now. I look at the recent results and it makes me cry in anger.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is Liverpool FC!!!

    We have a great history, and therefore high standards, it's time we stop making excuses, the current FSG/Commoli/KK/squad have been unable to restore our prestige.