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    Next season..

    People say this and that player wouldn't come to LFC cos of our league position..

    Well correct me if I'm wrong but when the season starts no one has a league postion every one starts equal.

    My point then is with thst beaing said why shouldn't we attract top talent?

    Ok we're in the Europa League. even thats not a big problem as we've seen theirs some really big clubs competing in that tournament.

    So I don't think it's as embarrassing to be in that cup tourmament anymore as it used to be.

    Sure it'll be very embarrasing if we were to be knocked out in the early stages, but lets see who comes in and goes in the summer.

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    • I take your point.. However if clubs invest in good talent and are prepared to spend ie Man City.. then the CL won't mean much as the players will expect to be there the following season..

      It usually takes a season at least for new players to gel with the existing team..

      So according to reports FSG are gonna spend big this summer.. So if we offload those players who under performed this season and use the Aquilani & Cole money too..

      We'll have a good some of money to splash out..

      If we can grab some talent for the same we paid for Saurez we'll do well next season..

      All depends who we bring in and of course depends on the talks between FSG & KD..

    • The Champions league is where we want to be, same as everyone but I think it is more of a bonus then a must have to most players. If you were a 32+ yr old like Raul, Del Piero etc then maybe a few more stats in the tournament are your thing. Maybe if you have been a star in a decent but not brilliant team who now at 28-9 wants the medals to back up their play (think Torres! or RVP :O) then it makes sense again.

      The last thing anybody wants, let alone a 20 yr league title absent side, is players who care more about Tues nights then Saturday afternoons! Benitez reinstated our European pride (briefly may it be) and Kenny is slipping pots on the shelf. Sure we want Champions league aspirant players but we dont want primadonas demanding this and that. There is options all over the place, there really is.

      As painful as it seems, in England, only the 2 Manchester clubs can now guarantee CL regularly. Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal cant be sure of it and we definitely cant! It looks likely that Spurs and Arsenal will take those 3rd and 4th spots but we can easily compete with them for players, I have no doubt in that at all. Same goes for Chelsea in terms of next season, they will likely need to win the tournament to stay in it! That simply isnt going to happen.

      The Europa league has proven to be far too tough this year for Spurs, United and City. Spurs went out of their own accord, they used it as a squad competition but City and United went for it big time and fell flat on their faces, that alone has given the competition more respect.

      I may have waffled a little bit but the players we are looking for are the hungry players at smaller clubs or the established players not getting a look in at elite clubs. We arent trying to sign Rooney, Mata, RVP, Messi, Ronaldo or Sneijder. We are looking for a step up from what we have got and their is plenty of them knocking around!

      If we went out this summer and bought Huntellaar, Martinez and Marin would anyone be dissapointed? That is no unrealistic movement for our club right now, expect a good summer, just not a FIFA 12 one!

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      • You've made some very good points here. First up any player more focused on just next season and playing on Tuesday or Wednesday night is not the player we want. We want someone just as focused on a wet and windy Saturday at the Brittania as the cathedrals of European football.

        Also, why are we in any different a position from the other clubs who might not make it this year, or may fall out of the top 4 next season? The point is we need players who might come to us to see the ambition of the club, not just the current status. Put it this way, why would a player pick a team currently in the top 4 but not really investing relative to other top clubs and therefore at risk of dropping out at anytime, versus a club like us, who is not currently in the top 4 but shows ambition via spending to get back in and stay in the top 4.

        Thinking of it that way, I think its fair to say both Manchester clubs would be clubs potential players would feel will remain at the top for the foreseeable future. Chelsea, who may not make the top 4 this term, I would think most players would still see as attractive as they've demonstrated in the past the willing to spend to get success. For then, that leaves Arsenal, Spurs and ourselves. Even if both retain their current top 4 finish the question players will ask themselves are these clubs ambitions enough to continue to invest to both stay in the top 4, and push on from there, and I'm not sure that is a very different calculation from asking whether Liverpool will invest to get back to top 4 and beyond.

        I did not mention Newcastle because with their ownership I just don't think even if they could get European football whether its realistic they'd push much higher in the future. I just don't see Ashley putting up the cash. But if I'm wrong, or they get new ownership, then I think the same questions would apply to them.

    • Kenny will have to make some very astute signings this summer if we are to make a real go of next season and with very much more limited funds to throw at talent, a great team can be put together without the lure of Champions League competition just look at Redknapps Tottenham.

      Very shrewd and astute needs to be the way or at least very lucky......