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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? Apr 5, 2012 11:29 Flag

    Next season..

    I would have thought it all depends on if we can swindle the FA cup this time round, which we all know is looking highly unlikely with our form at present, it will at least give Kenny till January which is fair.

    No FA cup win I can see Kenny being moved on summer time.


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    • Why so pessimistic about the semi? Are we better than them? Yes. Do the lads know they are better than them? Yes. We have 2 games before the semi to get our @rses in gear, and apparently Agger and Johnno are available for the Villa game. I expect us to get 6 points out of the next 2 games and then beat Everton at Wembley.

      Lets get rid of this malaise of doom surrounding the team at the moment and start believing again!

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      • Your absoulutly right we are better than them however we are not playing better than them and thats whats important, fantastic news on having Agger and Johnson back to the line up, our defence really needs those two back.

        Thats made my day as this Villa game on sunday will be my first visit to Anfield!!!!

        Come on you mighty REDS!!!!!!