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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 5, 2012 21:25 Flag

    Next season..

    You've made some very good points here. First up any player more focused on just next season and playing on Tuesday or Wednesday night is not the player we want. We want someone just as focused on a wet and windy Saturday at the Brittania as the cathedrals of European football.

    Also, why are we in any different a position from the other clubs who might not make it this year, or may fall out of the top 4 next season? The point is we need players who might come to us to see the ambition of the club, not just the current status. Put it this way, why would a player pick a team currently in the top 4 but not really investing relative to other top clubs and therefore at risk of dropping out at anytime, versus a club like us, who is not currently in the top 4 but shows ambition via spending to get back in and stay in the top 4.

    Thinking of it that way, I think its fair to say both Manchester clubs would be clubs potential players would feel will remain at the top for the foreseeable future. Chelsea, who may not make the top 4 this term, I would think most players would still see as attractive as they've demonstrated in the past the willing to spend to get success. For then, that leaves Arsenal, Spurs and ourselves. Even if both retain their current top 4 finish the question players will ask themselves are these clubs ambitions enough to continue to invest to both stay in the top 4, and push on from there, and I'm not sure that is a very different calculation from asking whether Liverpool will invest to get back to top 4 and beyond.

    I did not mention Newcastle because with their ownership I just don't think even if they could get European football whether its realistic they'd push much higher in the future. I just don't see Ashley putting up the cash. But if I'm wrong, or they get new ownership, then I think the same questions would apply to them.

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    • From a United fan:

      - You have a very consistent GK and in Doni, if he performs similarly to his best days for Roma, very capable backup.
      - A potentially excellent and well stocked defence

      That's where the good ends.

      - The amount of money wasted on the 4 'young and British' duds was a disgrace. To think that Cavani could have been bought quite easily with the Carroll money must be quite galling.
      - Moving forward, I would bin Downing and Adam. Give Henderson and Carroll another season. I don't think the former is or will ever be anywhere near good enough - Shelvey has consistently looked the better prospect. Carroll on the other hand could become very effective with the right support cast.
      - Sell/release Aurelio, Adam, Downing and Cole. Keep Maxi.
      - You'll need to spend big money on a creative midfielder, left and right forwards/wingers, and another striker. If none of those are English so be it. You have enough English players when you consider both those in the squad, and those coming through the academy.
      - Essentially a year has been unnecessarily wasted through bad spending.

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      • I think thats a pretty neutral outside opinion which is fair and justified, thats nice to see.

        If money was no object and both were academy players, it would be hard to argue that Henderson looked more ready for PL football then Shelvey. Although I would stress that whilst Jonjo is a more aggresive and confident player, skill will eventually shine through one would hope and I have definitely seen a fair bit of that from Hendo although in small patches.

        Downing is actually playing pretty well at the moment though had looked a huge dissapointment up till February time. Something is lost in translation in the side about the way in which individuals in midfield created chances at their old club and the way in which the forwards converted what was offered to them elsewhere!
        God only knows how Suarez has managed to hit the post so many times this season?! It would be nice to think we are only an inch away from scoring 30 more goals but its just as easy to be 30 more shots not even hitting the post!

      • stefan t...good post agree with most of u suggestions , u may be a Uniturd fan but would that there were more on this board that could put up such good posts...maybe we could use some of the more sensible posters off u board at Uniturd to gee-up the turgid standard of debate on this board currently. I refer to such as ARMCHAIR MEL N SPIT THE DOG and the like.