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  • Gary S Gary S Apr 7, 2012 19:05 Flag


    Stop moaning 2 average teams got what they deserved

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    • I got to say that whilst I think Liverpool are currently their own worst enemies with poor finishing, I'm starting to believe from what I am seeing match by match that they are not getting "rub of the green" decisions and are even being denied obvious ones by the match officials. Its now becoming so blatent that I'm convinced that the whole FA/ Suarez/ Evra affair is haunting them big time and that Refs have been given a nod and a wink to "teach them a lesson". Stinks!

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      • .......and if you want to see the other side of the coin, just check out Old Trafford....ha ha man falls over, the nearest man to him gets sent off, a penalty awarded.....winners? anyone in a Red shirt.....loosers? anyone playing in any other colour.....compare that with yesterday at Anfield, its a sick joke. Refs at Old Trafford must get paid in 9 bob notes.