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    He can only motivate the players for big games only, thats a sure sign of bad management and coaching. Should have stuck with Hodgson, his side was never as bad as this.

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    • PARANOID CON....Jason is correct in his assesment of your IQ,
      your grammar is shockingly bad perhaps the idea that u are :inbred: is a little off the mark but then maybe not ? You're not from Manchester are you ? Wherever you're from its been fun laughing AT you.

    • You just made yourself look like a total tool !
      I think if you were a Liverpool fan You would show some respect to one of the Greatest ever player to put on the LFC Jersey !! The man is a legend and without his records in the 70s 80s Liverpool probably would not have the same status as it currently has as well as the fans.

      If you are going to come in here and have a decent debate with other lfc fans then you should respect the history. I am sure there are people who are frustrated with recent results and dont feel KD is the right man to lead the club forward. I am also of the opinion that KD is Not the man to lead us forward. However I do not go off slaging off one of our own legends. We should be patience until the end of the season and then evaluate when we have all the statistics in place.
      Until then just wait and see where we at

    • I know of no manager called "Dogleash" certainy nobody by that name inthe EPL..

    • who are you going to bring in tell me it,s kenny first season give the guy a break he may win us to cups yet have faith he will turn it around he did at blackburn and they where prem champs 1992 history can repeat it,s self

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      • Very good post. Immaculate grammar, use of capital letters, run on sentences, periods, commas etc., etc.

        I take back everything I've ever said about what I thought about the education level over there in Manchester... It's far less than I gave it credit for.. shame on me!

        **(In case none of this was understood, please see the translation in Manc below):

        "Veri gud poast Imakulate gramar, yuse of kapital letters run on sentenzes, pereods, comas, etc etc"

        Glory Glory education!