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    So they said at the start of the season YET AGAIN, and then it never happened YET AGAIN, right now a whopping 37 points behind UNITED and this was meant to be their year they all said.
    Perhaps if you forgot about winning titles and just accepted that LFC are an average club now, your team may just do better under less pressure and less xpectancy levels, Everton are about the same size as Liverpool, as are Newcastle etc etc, do you ever hear their fans talking up titles which are never likely to be won? well then what makes Liverpool fans think they are one of the big guns when in truth they are no bigger than an average mid table side?
    Forget about what you once were 20 odd years ago, thats all in the past, its about now, and right now you are not good even good enough to challenge for 4th place, let alone win it.

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    • Can you tell me who said this would be our yeah (sic), which is the premise of your post?

      I think you'll find the vast majority did not think we'd win the title this season, or even come close. Most hoped for a top 4 finish and a decent run in the cups. Personally I would have guessed the 2 Manchester clubs plus Chelsea would have been top 3 (in no particular order) with Spurs, Arsenal and ourselves fighting over 4th, 5th, and 6th.

      From that so far disappointed in the league, but lets see where we end up at the actual end of the season, but over the moon to have not only done well in the cups, but actually picked up the first piece of silverware available. Not sure what others expected, but let me know if you find anyone who actually said "This will be our yeah".

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      • Quite right DSTeer it's now those Man Ure fans who proclaimed we said"this'll be our year". When LFC fans know we'll not be winning the title until the team has good strength of depth and a manager whose able to lead that challenge whomever FSG decide that is...

        We're some way off that. Sure we're hopeful we'll win the league. Nothing wrong with that considering it's been so long without a title.

    • The whole substance of your thread was a f*cking typo!

    • Championship manager Queen Rogers Championship manager Queen Rogers Apr 9, 2012 19:20 Flag

      Sorry for typo in heading