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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Apr 10, 2012 19:16 Flag

    Are FSG about to sell LFC?

    I've been reading online that FSG want around $1billion for LFC.

    I dunno if this is true or not.. Can anybody confirm that FSG are selling up?

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    • http://www.liverpool-kop.com/2011/10/liverpool-chairman-tom-werner-i-didnt.html

      I couldnt care less to be honest. LFC should have been sold to the Dubai Investment Capital in the first place before H&G took over. That was the Sheiks investment group and they would have invested far more and brought in all the Marquee signings that i know all liverpool fans secretly crave. I personally have no affection of American owners who now days are paupers compared to Russians and Middle east owners.

    • armchair...u as another on this thread says are a shyte stirrer..if u have read such a comment on line then back it up by pasting up that comment for us all to read.

    • I don't think they want to sell. BUT ibillion dollars is about £750m so they would get a quick retuen on the £400m or whatever they have spent so far. They would also have to have decided too much hassle in building a new stadium etc.

    • Its not true, or at least there are no feasible stories to suggest so, if anything quite the contrary. Noises from America suggest that John Henry is losing focus with the Red Sox as he is becoming increasingly obsessed with LFC. No factual evidence but there seems to be lots of media gossip suggesting so and nothing but forum titter tatter to suggest they want out!

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      • Just to reiterate what Hobs has just said, there is absolutely NO truth to this nonsense whatsoever, and this thread is an abomination that should be terminated from the boards asap.

        I'd love to know what sources are providing this information, or leading anyone into this silly, false conclusion?? Please tell me! Twitter, the S*N, or somewhere on a Man Utd blog?

        The notion of selling the club less than 2 years into purchasing it would be an absurd piece of business by Henry and FSG, the number of 300M from one wind up artist isn't worth acknowledging, and the idea we'd fetch 1 Billion at the moment is just not even worth adressing.

        Furthermore, talking about a sale right now, with an FA Cup Semi, and the chance to win the Cup along with 5 remaining league fixtures would do nothing but devastate the club, the players, the supporters and everyone involved causing complete chaos as we saw it in the final days under H&G..

        I don't claim to have many inside sources, but I do happen to live in the NYC metro area, arguably the media capital of the world, and something like this would surely make headlines or reading material, yet I've seen ZIPPO.. My friend who helps me run our Liverpool site lives in Boston not far from FSG's corporate offices, and again, he has seen ZIPPO in regards to this nonsense..

        Please stop with this bullcr.ap... Unless we lose 10-0 to Everton and the remaining league fixtures finishing 14th, NOTHING of any drastic matter is happening until the summer, period.

    • The reported price is 300 million apparently the fsg board is very disillusioned and are ready to sell. Dalglish has to give a detailed report on the team and if fsg stay he will not be given more money to spend

    • Would they admit failure after only one season? Remember Tom Werner's comments after the CC Final: 'This is just the beginning' he said.

      Also, any court case they have against Hicks who says the club was worth 1 billion dollars wouldn't hold much water would it?

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      • Loki yes he said that but things change quickly in football. Especially opinions.. Our results haven't been that good to be honest..

        So who knows what they really think behind closed doors..

        If they're as ruthless as I've read about them then I wouldn't put it past them.

        Then again I don't know enough either way all I can go on is what I've read then form an opinion as many of us..
        Lets hope they do see it through and we get a title with them..

        If not lets hope we get someone with very deep pockets..