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  • Jason Jason Apr 14, 2012 13:26 Flag

    As Colin once said..

    This is dirty dish rag dross football..

    For the first 45", I think that would be a compliment.

    I don't understand the starting lineup, as usual, and I don't understand the tactics, nor do the commentators who have criticized over and over as "negative", "wasteful long balls", "not enough positive play", "don't understand the tactics"..

    Someone needs a swift kick in the a$$ at the half..

    I'm gland Henry and Werner got on a plane yesterday back to the states or they'd be sharpening their axe right now..

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    • Henry came sacked the first ones on his list and then couldn't be bothered to watch his team in a semi finale. I bet he told Dalglish win the FA Cup or you're gone. I bet he also knows about the great job Moyes has done for 10 years on a shoestring and noted what Pardew has done with his Carroll money. I won't be at Wembley I'll be with Henry watching the Red Sox and their NEW manager.

    • I note those two outstanding buys Henderson and Downing were substituted. Spurs or Chelsea will not be as easy in the final. I still say Dalglish will have to win it to keep his job. Obviously now there is something wrong with Enriquew

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      • Delphi - by Beelzebub's balls! Why don't you take a razor blade and slit your wrists? Or even better, cut your femoral artery in your groin because this sh*tty life will be over quickly that way.

        You can't even say well done to the lads can you? I think they played well overall, even in the first half when it was as tight as a gnat's chuff!

        Downing did better on the right, and Henderson did alright on the left as well. I'm seeing some signs of improvement from both of them.

        And your pithy little comment about Enrique? WE WON YOU IMBECILE. WE HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING THE FA CUP FINAL!

        Some of the mentally challenged on here really haven't got the first clue about football. If we don't score in the first five minutes everyone screams blue murder, and if we don't score at least four in the first half then we're a load of dogsh*t! Winning isn't enough for some of our 'fans' - if anyone says to me that Liverpool fans are the most knowledgeable in the world, I'll just laugh....because judging by some of the comments on these threads, half of us don't know two things 1) Jack and 2) Sh*t, and Jack left town!

        Delphi, please go and support the Mancs (I suspect that's already your inclination anyway) coz they need people like you. We need you like a hole in the head! Mary Christ!

      • DELPHI...Nothing wrong with Enrique...defo something wrong with u sunshine and that is that u on the wrong board why dont u F...
        Off back to the UniTURD board cos thats quite obviously where u belong.

    • COLIN HERE....Oh Yea of little faith. How many of u Board Boo Boys going to be at Wembley for FA CUP FINAL giving it your....
      SACK DALGLISH ! SACK DALGLISH !!! chant/rant before the kick off? You all claim all you want is results well...wasnt the Semi win here at Wembley v THE BLUENOSES enough for u to get 100% in support of Kenny and The Lads ??? You may all claim it was :winning ugly: which to a certain extent I would agree with but what u say u want is WINS so ...you got one a VERY important one...
      what else did u want from today ?
      imo u should all get behind Kenny and The Lads 100% now or B@gger off and :support: some other club !

    • At least my little rant / pep talk got the lads level after the half..

      COME ON!!!!!!!!

    • DELPHI...JUST TO TAUNT U ...I ask u once again will u be at Wembley for FA CUP FINAL giving it plenty before the kick-off with u SACK DALGLISH ! SACK DALGLISH !!! chant/rant ? On yer bike
      UniTURD fan !!!