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  • sideshow sideshow Apr 17, 2012 14:22 Flag

    Disgraceful Chelsea fans

    BAck to the thread......the Chelsea fans that spoke up deserve punishment, and it is unforgiveable. Not all Chelsea fans are like that though.

    I know a few Chelsea fans and they are very reasonable. I've also come across my share of absolute Chelsea hooligans, including had a wedding reception I was at turn into a punch up because of two in particular reacting to my calling a tattoo they had of something to do with Chelsea, a Millwall emblem. It looked similar and was blue.Prats. I had come back with a Gillingham scarf round my neck from a Wembley appearance that day, so they thought I was the enemy??! Chelsea and Gillingham, because they come up against each other a lot!

    I'm sure all clubs have their share of pricks like those.