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  • sideshow sideshow Apr 17, 2012 18:09 Flag

    Disgraceful Chelsea fans

    Robert M, I don't think you know enough about Heysel to comment actually. At least it sounds that way. I have been there and paid my respects, and it was a tragedy in the same way Hillsborough was.

    However it has a lot of similarities to Hillsborough, in that the circumstances were very much outside of the control of the fans inside the stadium and the club itself. This was NOT a case or organised hooliganism of the sort seen in the vicinity of many a Chelsea game. This was pure fear and panic, the roots of which were sown in a game a year earlier. In a stadium not up to hosting the game, and set up for a disaster. The club requested the game be moved beforehand, and had grave concerns over the policing and segregation of the fans (there was barely any).

    Perhaps you need to read a bit more about it, because the blame for Heysel lies squarely with UEFA and the belgian authorities/policing. Or perhaps you believe the Thatcher myth.

    I'm not saying our fans were blameless, but it was not what you think it was, and you should not say so as freely as you have. Shame on you.

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