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  • Loki Loki Apr 17, 2012 18:26 Flag

    Disgraceful Chelsea fans

    Now now Robert, this is a good discussion.

    You are right about Heysel also being beyond football. I suppose we could have a service on 29th May, why would any of us be against it? But as someone has already said, we do have links with Juventus over this, and I think we do send a delegation over to Turin every year, but beyond that I don't know why we don't have services here too.

    Somebody has already said that Hillsborough had a greater effect on LFC than Heysel, and that is true. On Remembrance Sunday, do the British remember the German dead? I don't think they do. That's the best way I can explain it I suppose, with that example.

    With regards to the actions of Liverpool fans at Heysel, and yes they rushed the Italians, but the finger of blame should also be pointed at UEFA. The club wrote to UEFA months before the final, saying that the stadium was not fit to host the final, and as is usual in these cases (we saw it again at the Athens Olympic Stadium in 2007), the powers that be decided that they would ignore our concerns. Furthermore, they decided to put us next to Juventus' fans with only chicken wire separating them. This concern was also ignored. I don't know whether you are aware, but every time we play in Italy, particularly Roma and Napoli, (and by 'we' I mean British fans) there is always trouble from the Italians. More or less anywhere else, there's no real trouble. They started throwing stones in to our pen and spitting, what is the human reaction to that stuff? Turn the other cheek like Christians tell us to. Unrealistic not to expect a reaction. So fans decided to fight back, so yes, Liverpool fans rushed the Italians. As they fell back, one of the walls crumbled in that unsuitable sh*thole causing the deaths of those poor people.

    I'm not excusing our fans, but not everything is as it seems with Heysel. Maybe the only fact that matters is that Liverpool fans' actions resulted in the wall to fall. Cause and effect. But if you are going to go down that route, then you have to say 'If UEFA listened to us in the first place, this couldn't have happened' - how far back do you go for blame?

    I would be against remembering Heysel at any Hillsborough memorial. In fact I would be outraged if that happened. April 15 is for Hillsborough victims only in my opinion, as they are separate incidents. As I've already said, I would not be against a another service.

    Returning to your many points about our selfishness, you are essentially saying that we should miss our mothers' funeral because it's your birthday party, otherwise we're selfish.

    Anyway, this subject is becoming truly tedious to me. I shan't comment on anything other than football coz I've said everything I have to say on the subject.

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    • All the most due respects to everyone and everything that's been said about the mentioned tragedies and events that occured on these horrible days..

      Gee, isn't it oh so ironic that the topic of the post "Disgraceful Chelsea Fans", has taken an ugly turn into a never ending, opinionated debate over inflammatory events, with the usual suspect right in the middle..? The baby is crying, it wants attention, it wants it's shiny new toy and keeps hurling things to be heard...

      This is going to turn into a 79 comment thread, that as usual, has nothing to do with with the actual players of Liverpool Football Club, or anything to do with football dominating the message board! Just the way one likes it..

      Let's see, we're on the eve of Champions League Semi Finals between Bayern Munich and Madrid, followed by tomorrow FC Barcelona and .. hey wouldn't ya know it, they do have a club, Chelsea FC.. Then we have the Fa Semi Victory to still talk about, the Fa Finals which will be played at night for the first time since 1993 to talk about, the end of the season run in to talk about, and summer / transfer speculations to talk about..

      Nah... Let's leep this going, over tragic events hearing the word selfish, not being able to come close to winning a valid point, and after Hillsborough and Heysel have been dragged through this unnecesary debacle, perhaps we can jump back into the Suarez incident?