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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 19, 2012 11:01 Flag

    Disgraceful Chelsea fans

    "he posted about 10,000 threads on the Suarez racism subject and merely a handful on mr role model himself , John Terry."


    Yes, I had long arguments with *some* people on this board about Suarez's likely or actual guilt. Some people pushed what I saw as unreasonable heavily biased viewpoints and I took issue. I don't apologise for that - I believe in what I wrote and my commentary was rather more in line with the FA findings than those I was arguing with. Other Liverpool fans didn't write what I saw as unreasonable opinions and I didn't have arguments with them.

    Are you seriously suggesting I am unreasonable if I don't come on here and make 10,000 posts about John Terry? what do you think I should have been saying about him that I haven't? What I will do is let you into a little secret. If people on here start making what I see as unreasonable comments about John Terry I may well take issue with them. If that goes on for 10,000 posts so be it. I hope that won't happen.

    "I am not defending or excusing the chelsea fans who chanted "Murderers" during the minutes silence "

    No, I'm not. They were wrong and they embarrass Chelsea FC and other Chelsea fans. If CFC can identify them, revoke their memberships and season tickets and ban them from all Chelsea matches in future I will be happy.

    "It was to a tragedy to do with Liverpool fans and so we should not have expected Chelsea fans to behave a certain way."

    I haven't said that and don't believe it. What I said was even if people don't share the sentiments behind a minute's silence they should shut up anyway.

    None of which is to say that LFC or its fans can't be criticised. Or do you think LFC and its fans are above criticism?

    I think your real problem with me is that I'm not inside the tent pissing out but outside the tent pissing in.

    "I think this almost guarantees that there is going to be some trouble in London before and after the match."

    Why should there be?