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  • Hobsey Hobsey Apr 16, 2012 10:50 Flag

    Disgraceful Chelsea fans

    This one is for our resident Chelsea fan Robert!
    Pathetic behaviour from a section of the Chelsea support should hot up the atmosphere in the Cup final, and in the coming league match.


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    • people dont respect rembrance sunday are you going to blame them as well its a mersey rembrance not any where else

    • I started watching the TV coverage at three and a half minutes in and so didn't know anything about this until afterwards. If you want my thoughts, here they are:

      Whenever I have read of the events at Hillsborough, and when I think of my reactions as it unfolded on the day, I feel very emotional. I would hope most football fans old enough to remember, or intelligent enough to read, should feel the same, whatever club they support.

      I have no criticism of LFC in its handling of the aftermath of Hillsborough twenty something years ago and have great praise in particular for how Dalglish handled it and himself at that time. I am aware it took a personal toll on him and I have sympathy for that. These things and more I have said on this forum before.

      If I had been at Wembley I would have been embarrassed by any Chelsea fans making any noise, especially any disrespectful noise, during a one minute silence. My view with all these many silences we are asked to conduct these days is that even if you don't have any feeling for them you should at least shut up out of respect for others who do.

      I note that when I have been to SB and there has been a silence at the start of the game it has always been fully observed by both home and away supporters.

      So why not this one and now? My guess is that it relates to the annoyance of feeling bounced into playing our cup semi-final on the Sunday due apparently to LFC's refusal to play then. My view, as expressed on the United board in some depth recently, is that I think the FA should have handled things differently. I also think that LFC, in the form of your illustrious manager, came over as rather arrogant with his stated view, which I paraphrase, "we ain't playing Sunday and if you don't like it you can f*** off".

      There is sometimes a suspicion that LFC and its supporters wants to play Hillsborough two ways. Sometimes we are told it's an LFC tragedy - it's our fans - and sometimes the rest of us are told we have to behave a certain way in "respect for the 96". In fact, it's happening here. Chelsea fans were expected to behave a certain way in respect even though the semi-final clubs were not involved in Hillsborough and with the background of LFC selfishly demanding not to play on the Sunday. So I think there is a valid question of whether Liverpool people think this is a private matter or a national matter. In the former case, don't tell us how to behave. In the latter case, don't be intransigent over fixtures. If you (Liverpool fans) genuinely want respect for the 96 and between all football fans then you Liverpool fans should not be wanting to "hot up the atmosphere in the cup final" over it. Do you want it to be "us and them" or not?

      I don't excuse any Chelsea fans making a noise. They should grow up. And I support CFC's strong line against them, similar to the strong line against fan(s) singing songs about Anton Ferdinand. But I do sometimes think that Liverpool people should get off their high horses about Hillsborough. Especially when we never hear a peep from them about Heysel.

      Well, you asked.


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      • Robert, I don't understand your point.

        Every year, we all go to Anfield on the 15th to remember what happened. All the players attend (and remember Steven Gerrard lost a cousin that day). Are you saying that we should have foregone this tradition and played yesterday so Chelsea could have another day to prepare for the Barca game? If so, I think you're completely missing the point. Hillsborough to us is beyond football, and so it should be. No football match is ever going to make us play on that date, and why should we?

        Maybe one solution was for us to play this Saturday coming so you could have that extra day, I personally wouldn't have minded that, but that is the FA's decision, so you should be perhaps pointing the finger at them, not us! We don't want our cake and eat it.

        There are 2 separate issues here. The FA have never been forthcoming in helping EPL teams in the CL.

        Telling us we're essentially selfish not to play on that date is insensitive in the extreme. I'm surprised at you.

    • hobitez...Chelski have always been known for having more than their fair share of imbeciles that follow them but as u say their behavior is going to make for two VERY hot atmospheres in our remaing clashes with them. Seem to recall all the problems at Millwall some seasons ago now when a section of their support started to give it plenty with the Hillsborough insults. Lets hope their crass behavior has put the real fire in our lads bellies eh come CUP FINAL DAY 05 MAY.

    • Robert, if Barcelona are not part of the equation then what the hell are you whining for?

      Another simple question: Why should we consider 'others' in relation to this day?

    • Where was I whining?

      Why should you consider others? You don't have to, you can be as inconsiderate as you like. But if you don't give a shit about what others think and if you want special dispensation to play or not play on days you like or don't like irrespective of the effect on others then don't get all huffy when you are called selfish.


    • Robert, what is your beef with this if not the preparation time for Barcelona?

      LFC's so-called selfishness has nothing to do with fans booing during the minutes silence - and you know it!

      I don't mind Chelsea being p*ssed off with having to play 3 days before their most important match of the season, I understand that. What I don't understand is sickos. Full stop. I don't believe there is a connection between the two.

      If you think we, in any way are wrong, then 2 wrongs don't make a right. I don't believe for one minute the fans who did not honour the minute's silence were thinking were of inconvenience as you put it. They were just being mindless aberrations, all of them!

      I tell you what is inconvenient, having to travel 200 miles with our wonderful national transport system when Old Trafford is 30 miles away. Generally speaking, you lot hop on to a tube and your at Wembley drinking beer in 30 minutes.

      Ultimately, like I said before, I am pretty indifferent to the opinion of fans of other clubs who seem to be on our boards more than their own boards. I would be amazed if any of our fans here care that your club had to play on Sunday because of our refusal to do so. What I would say on that is that we might have been pencilled in to play on the Saturday anyway.

    • Robert, maybe we are being selfish, but something’s at least from our selfish point of view are more important that 22 men kicking a ball on any given day.

      Personally I do find others who question why we want to reserve this day for something bigger than football to be insensitive, and if they think we're being selfish for not considering their wishes (in this case to get an extra day of rest before a European game) so be it. I can't control what other think or feel, only what I feel, which is that something’s are bigger than sport. So I have no problem with LFC's stand that we won't play on 15 April, I'm sorry if others do, but that is their problem not mine.

    • If you back up the thread a bit you'll see that in the very first post I was invited/asked/challenged to comment.

      I criticised the Chelsea fans for booing, or whatever it was they did, and speculated on why this might have happened at this match when in my experience it doesn't happen at others. You have an alternative explanation. Bully for you.

      I would have been very happy for you to play at OT and us to play at Wembley. It would have been a better solution for all the clubs. What a pity the FA couldn't organise it. To be fair to them they were probably contracted with Wembley since long before the teams were known.

      So that's fine. Don't care what anyone else thinks. But then don't make a fuss about it.


    • I have no problem with the idea that some things are bigger than football. I remember Dalglish saying the very same thing the evening of Hillsborough, and approving. But I think if you want to carry the rest of the football world with you a little more humility in the PR would have been good. And I must say, as gently as I am able to, I would like to see a little more recognition of Heysel from LFC.

      I genuinely don't know the answer to this. Was Heysel mentioned at all in the Hillsborough commemoration the other day?


    • My my Robert we are getting tetchy. I suggest you get laid once in a while. I don't believe I kicked up a fuss over this. Those idiots who booed spoke eloquently enough themselves about their mentality. In fact I haven't commented until our little tete-a-tete here.

      Humility? Are we supposed to get on our knees asking that the other clubs sign a document saying they give us their permission to have 15th April off in perpetuity?

      We refuse to play on 15th April. Yes we are thinking of ourselves in this matter before other clubs. How could it be any other way? It's called 'standing for your principles.' I don't care (And I doubt the club hiearchy do either) whether the rest of the football world is with us or not in this matter. We neither seek, desire nor need the approval of anyone but our own fans.

      Heysel was on 29th May. Why would we even mention it on 15th April?

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