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  • Loki Loki Apr 19, 2012 13:28 Flag

    Is Raul worth a punt?

    I see Schalke have announced the departure of Raul at the end of the season. I've watched him a few times this season and he seems to have done pretty well.

    In view of his experience and more importantly, his winning attitude, do you think it might be worth brining him in for a season? It would only cost his wages for the year. I personally think it might be worth a go.

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    • DEFO...NO

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      • He's definitely not coming to Liverpool or the EPL

        "At nearly 35 years of age, and following nearly 20 years of football at the highest level, Raul is prepared to take a new step not only in his career, but in his life. When asked whether participation in the Champions League had tempted him to extend with Schalke, he replied that there were "other factors," citing his desire for more time with his family as he revealed that he will move to a less competitive league."

        A less competitive league, the EPL is not. Seems he could go back to Spain perhaps in their lower league or even opt for what alot of older stars are doing not, MLS.

    • Should've got Raul instead of the Morientes fiasco. Anyway if he's still a good finisher then why not get Raul?

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      • Well, Raul was a £25m star at the time and he wouldnt have wanted to leave whereas Morientes was an excellent player who had apparently lost all his pace in the space of 18 months!

        The reason he is leaving Schalke is because he wanted a 2 year deal and they only wanted 1, also his wages were pretty frightening for a club of their standard now that they no longer have European football revenue coming in.

        I would have him in our team right now but we do have money you know, Im expecting something of similar quality with a bit more longevity.

    • perhaps, if it's on a free, his agent waves his fee and the signing on feee is also minimal as well! Oh and the wages had better be sensible.

      Classy goal poacher though I agree. But could he handle the pace of the PL?