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  • Miguel Miguel Apr 25, 2012 14:03 Flag

    Strikers "Adapting" AND Scoring..

    Carroll is certainly a bit of an enigma. The stats dont lie and part of the reason for his poor showing with us surely is the number of balls he is provided with. Newcastle fired everything imaginable at him as their central attacker and the law of averages says you are bound to convert some of those! I feel his awareness in the box is often poor but in his defence, he is feeding on rather meagre scraps. Of late, his outfield play, control, lay offs etc shows improvement for me and once again, there is usually no-one around him to take advantage which is hardly his fault.

    Teams have to playwith an expectancy and we tend not to on occasion. How often have Downing, Bellamy, Johnson, Kelly, Enrique etc passed defenders only to find they have one target to hit in the box as opposed to three or four? At the same time, how often have players hung back when Carroll wins a high ball with no-one ahead of him to lay it off to?

    What I am saying is, in order to adapt, there has to be something consistent and reliable to which to adapt and with the way we play at the moment, the consistency simply ain´t there.

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