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  • Soh Soh Apr 26, 2012 15:11 Flag

    Alberto Aquilani......again!

    Maybe KD does not speak Italian. So, there is no way to communicate tactics with him. :-)
    But seriously, if he is playing regularly and doing well, then he can be a like a new signing. The problem with him is that he is not fast and rough enough for premier league. Easily bump off the ball. But in pre-season friendly where everyone is going at less than full pace and avoiding injury, he has no problem showing all his flair and touches.

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    • To be fair Soh, the point about the friendly games making him look good is a pretty good one although he did show some class for us in Rafa's last season. Its a well trodden path about how useful he would have been this season, my thinking is that if Kenny new Meireles was going, he wouldnt have let Aqua go as well. Jay Spearing and Jonjo have seen to much 1st team football for my liking!