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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 27, 2012 19:47 Flag

    Pep Guardiola

    Let's just suppose sometime in the next fifteen months he signs for an English club. I offer five clubs in alphabetical order. Arrange them in the order of decreasing likelihood.

    Manchester City
    Manchester United


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    • Here's my answer to the question. I suspect he would go most likely go to united if offered any of the clubs. But there's no apparent vacancy at United in the near future. (One United fan I know who I know has the ear of Ferguson says it will happen at the end of next season.)

      Next more likely would be City or Chelsea if offered unlimited transfer budget and told to create the best team in the world in three years. Chelsea have a vacancy and a mad enough owner and Chelsea should have Guardiola's respect as his teams have never beaten Chelsea in a single match. However, Chelsea may not qualify for CL next season would be an issue.

      I can't see him being interested in Liverpool or Arsenal. Why would he be? He won't get huge transfer money. Liverpool is some distance off the pace and not in CL. Arsenal at best is Barca lite but very very lite.

      Maybe if he does want a break he could be put on a retainer as part-time Director of Football at Chelsea while RDM has another season and starts in a year.


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      • The timing might make sense, a year or so off or in the tv studio then step in when Fergie retires. But I'm just not sure it's a great fit in terms of football philosophy. Sure he'd want a big club already competing for top honors (which is why I'd rule us out at the moment) and deep pockets (which is why I'd rule in your lot and city) but would style of play and the existing squad (and what they are capable of) factor in to it?

        At utd he'd either have to change his approach, emphasizing the physical over the technical or spend a small fortune upgrading with technical players. Both Chelsea and City would provide those funds but in many ways I think the current city squad would better suit him.

        But end of the day I'm not sure a move to England would be a wise move for him. Yes we all admire the total football that he created (maybe perfected is more appropriate) and Roman may want to import that, but I'm not sure it would work well week in week out in the prem. look at who has bested his system in Europe using a very well organized defensive and physical approach and I think you see where I'm going.

    • Personally I doubt any of them. I take him at his word that he wants some time off but if he wants back in my guess is he'll go to Italy .

      But if he did come to England the question is what is he motivated by. If it money obviously city then Chelsea would be top of his list. If he wants to stay pure to his philosophy of football then Arsenal makes the most sense.

    • Robert I notice you put Chelsea ahead of us..

      Well Chelsea is apoisoned chalice for any top manger to go to as long as Abramovich is the owner.. He undermines the manager, demands instant success or you're fired.

      Yet at LFC he'd be given full support of the owners, have similar ideas to what FSG have in mind for LFC. He's lauded our youth set up as comparable to that of Barcelona's. Our playing style is similar to Barcelona's. Except for one notable exception their players are superior to ours.

      Contary to belief FSG do have deep pockets when it comes to signings.. Our club isn't in debt. Our league form is due to one major factor.. We don't havequality strikers who can finish.

      Logic dictates that Guardiola would bring in decent strikers..

      So there you have it..

      Of course I can't read Sep's mind.. I can only hope that he gives us serious consideration.. Thats of course depending on what FSG decide..

      Of course we've KD in charge and I'm not insulting him or fans of his by making this thread. Just merely exploring the options should it become possible.