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  • Greg Greg Apr 27, 2012 22:37 Flag

    Pep Guardiola

    it goes abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. they used to show it on sesame street all the time.

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    • im sorry. i am an idiot. i think guardiola would be a great manager for us, and you have to love the way he sets teams up to play. only trouble is kenny could win us two cups this season, and in all honesty i do think we have been desperately unlucky in the league. with a poacher, lucas back in the team and adam cleaning boots back at melwood we will see a much better return next season. i honestly don't think the manager is too much to blame on this occasion.

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      • You could argue it was Houllier's team that Benitez inherited who won the CL in 2005.

        Yet it was Benitez's tactics and team selection that won that game..

        So by saying it was Guardiola who inherited Messi, Iniesta, Xavi..is folly.. as it was Pep's ideas and tactics and strategy that won them the cups etc..

        So I'd expect he'd do well at his next club..

        If he wants a payday but loads of interference from the owner then he should go to Chelsea or Man City.. if he wants a challenge and to build a team then it's either us or Arsenal..

        I do expect though he'll go to another club in europe. Probably Italy or Span.

      • Even though it's Kenny who signs and gets these players? Also makes the tactics. No of course he's blameless.. Not Kenny's fault at all..