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  • Miguel Miguel May 1, 2012 16:00 Flag

    Carra should not start in the Final

    Too much credability for Torres. There are other equal threats and at least Carra knows how to play him. Experience will be needed throughout the team. Gonna be a tight one and could go either way. I for one will not be venturing any money on the outcome. If we thrash Fulham, it´ll be a major boost and we need that given Chelski´s current form under di Mateo. They have to be favourites and that´s no bad thing for us I reckon.

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    • Miguel...It looks to me like Kenny is putting out a 2nd choice eleven tonight ...so dont really expect too many goals though...u never can tell. On Carra..dont think hes intimidated by any pace others may think Torres still possesses, his experience will allow him to track Torres adequately and as u say he isnt the only threat they have or for me even their main threat.