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  • mel n mel n May 2, 2012 06:56 Flag

    This is now out of hand.

    This is just not funny any more. I am sick and tired of every Jack and Jill club coming to Anfield and walking away with 3 points as if we are a charity club.

    I was peeved when the likes of Norwich, Swansea, Sunderland, Stoke, Blackburn, Aston Villa and Tottenham, not to mention the two Manchester teams came to Anfield and left with a point but that now seems not to have been so bad as recently powerhouses Wigan, WBA and now Fulham have actually had the temerity to take all 3 points with them. Welcome to Anfield is now as scary to visiting teams as a teddy bear is to a toddler. I know that the usual suspects will brand me the usual names of Doctor Killjoy but I don't care, this can not and should not be allowed to continue. What is the point of beating Norwich away if a few days later we get humiliated by Fulham at home? Apologists will try to paint a positive spin of saying we played a second string side, no we did not, each and every player on the pitch(except Sterling who came on a substitute) was of Premier League quality and no excuses should be made for any of them.

    There is another post alluding to unwanted records being broken by Kenny and it is true, we have broken all possible records one can think of, but there is one that is left, being relegated for the first time in 60 years. If we can begin the new season the same way we are ending this one, then I am quite positive that we will be challenging to break that long record by Christmas. It might seem far fetched now but ask the likes of Leeds, it seemed far-fetched to them as well and now they languish in the lower divisions. Ok so relegation is a bit extreme but languishing 9th-10th is just as bad for a club the size of Liverpool FC.

    I know we still have an FA cup final to play at the weekend but whatever the result, even if we win that should not mask the massive failure that this season has been. Fact is this Anfield malaise started in August when we failed to beat Sunderland and 10 months later our manager still has not figured out how to win at home. If he has failed to do so during the course of a full season what makes anyone think that he can figure it out in the off season?

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    • I love kenny,he HAS to stay at the club in charge, for 2 reason i'll give yer. 1.only clueless delusional football fans see KD as any good the rest of us who are smart know he's absolutely crap and he should stay as manager to punish the we want kenny brigade, the other reason is as said, he's useless crap,a poor man manager,tactically useless,unable to train the weaknesses out of a player or strengthen his other skills to compensate.and has a shocking sense of detecting good players from bad..anyway keep keeny cuz as a BLUE i love him

    • Do you want to know the god's honest truth in this regards to what Henry/FSG are thinking about all this...

      Since there are no cup competitions mid season in baseball it's hard for me to quantify apples to apples, so I'll just say it hypothetically... If the Red Sox manager had won some sort of mid season tournament (Carling Cup reference), with the Sox regular schedule form being good-ok, as it was... the manager would be safe..

      Continuing on, as the results in the schedule began to take a nosedive with losing streaks snapped, only to be followed by more losing streaks, particularly at home against what were considered poor competition, the Red Sox manager would be fired, or as we say in the states on the "Hot Seat", except it would be "RED HOT"..

      To continue on further, if the Sox manager changed his entire team for a game prior to another up coming tournament (FA Cup reference), at home, and put up that type of performance, the Sox manager would have been fired on the spot, no questions asked, even with that "Cup Competition" to play for in a few days.. they wouldn't care because that's why every team/club has an assistant or 1st team coach.. and that would be that..

      There's probably a couple of reasons, most obvious, a sign of respect to the KD / Anfield faithful who'd backlash, that they've shown incredible restraint to which I cannot fathom having seen how they operate all these years. If they win the FA Cup, they will be down on the pitch and in the dressing room celebrating, saying all great things to reporters and cameras, talking up success.. but will still have the same restraint to their lingering thoughts fresh in their mind, and if we should follow up the Cup win with consecutive losses to Chelsea and Swans, the Cup with be forgotten like a fart in the wind..

      If we lose the cup, and lose the remaining 2.. Kenny's seat will be so hot, Lucifer would be pain..

      Sorry to say it, but that's just what it is.. that team yesterday, Liverpool players, mostly all EPL calibre were terrible, the tactics were terrible, the game was unwatchable, it was a HOME match which is the worst thing you could possibly offer up to your fans, especially being broadcast on global television..

      Kenny may have possibly handed over the hammer, with just a few nails to go.. Factually speaking, and please follow the Red Sox now with their new manager and how they're faring, and do fare the rest of the season for reference, the sack would have happened by now..

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      • Thanks for that perspective Jason. Insights into the owner's mindset with the Red Sox are not irrelevant by any stretch.

        I do wonder if the owners might have acted by now if our manager was anyone other than a club legend idolised by fans.

        Noone doubts Kenny's love for the club, that he is LFC to the core and will stop at nothing to deliver success. The boost he delivered to the club last season - from top to bottom - was immense. I just can't help wondering though if it was a false high, and the honeymoon is now over.

        I don't think our league form is a blip. It's relegation form for over half a season! We are so fortunate that the first half of our season was as good as it was. Because with out it, we'd be battling for survival right now!

        My idea of progress at the club isn't clouded by domestic cup runs. All can see is level with Fulham, a few points from a bottom half finish (still possible for us!!) and behind Everton, who have been operating on a shoe string budget for years compared to us!!!!

        And I struggle to have BLIND faith that it'll all come good next season under Kenny. I base that on current evidence, not past glories, or on WHO the manager is.......

    • We don't have the kind of players that can do a free flowing pass and move system..

      However we do have the players that can play a defensiv/ counter attack system..

      Play with our physical pplayers, carroll, kuyt, gerrard.. through the middle.. then play deep.. With our defenders,,

    • Bleedin hell...

      I think the penny has dropped!!!

      7 watt

    • because he has won hell of a lot more than woy has.
      It took 3 yrs to make Blackburn champions.Not a year, or 15 months a year.

    • I agree and I'm sick of all the people saying Kenny is the man... Yea he's the man whose gonna keep us mid table..

      If we wanna win we need a manager whose been successful at previous clubs and has been in constant management..

      Not a former hero who took time out of the game. I'm sorry if I'm gonna get slammed for it.. Kenny was great in the 80's we're now in the 2010's the game has moved on Kenny hasn't..

      His previous job at Newcastle is proof of that.

      it's his signings, his tactics thats made us worse than when Hodgson was in charge those are the facts..

      I don't denounce his former record in fact I honour it and love him for that..

      I had reservations about him taking over.. Yes he's helped in getting some sort of order. Now he needs to step asidc and let someone take us back to the top..

    • Off all the years I have been watching EPL, i have seen once this failing vibe gets into team of loosing games and poor form, its near impossible to come out of that unless there is change of management. We have seen this with Spurs, Chelsea, West brom, even us last season. Unfortunately it has crept back again into LFC.
      No one can even argue that KD didnt have the funds to spend..because he had plenty of that and has yielded in a carling cup maybe FA cup.. whatever it yields i would still deem this season a disspointment because of no CL and loosing games at home which for any LFC fans are hardest to take.

      Yet looking at this in a rational way i would ask what if we were still fighting for a CL spot, lets say we are at fifth, sixth like newcastle and chelsea and have already got carling cup and may end up with FA CUP, but just fall short of getting the CL spot and end up at 5th by a whisker.

      In a situation like that would you still say Kenny out ?
      If Newcastle end up at fifth and they won nothing would you say they have had a more successful season then us ? given that we are in Europa cup aswell ? What if Chelsea dont win CL or even FA cup and finish 5th or 6th would you say they have had a better season then us despite winning nothing even though they have been in the world stage in CL?

      I for one would not shed any tears if FSG did remove KD in summer because i have fond memories of Rafas days besides the last season when we would regularly beat anyone at Anfield and competing in EUrope and i want that back. However putting thought into this rationally i think KD should perhaps lead the team next season and we should re-asses our position in the January transfer window. If we are still languishing mid table i am confident you will see a major uprise among the fans and surely FSG would get rid of KD and thats fair !

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      • I hear both of you loud and clear, and am in complete agreement.

        I knew the 'second string' excuse would get pedalled. Fact is, that scoreline flattered us. The lads out there just didn't seem to give a toss, with the possible exception of Carroll.

        What I find hard to believe is the sheer blind belief of many LFC fans that it'll be alright next season under Kenny. Whatevidence can they possibly base that on? His signings? His tactics? His ability to fire the lads up???

        Noone out there tonight looked like they gave a damn. Whose fault is that? The managers surely.

        We are a mid-table team, playing like relegation battlers for MORE THAN half the league season now. After the money that's been spent on this squad, there is only one word for that - embarrassing.

        That's why we're a laughing stock right now.

        That's why most neutrals won't want to see us lift the FA Cup, because we're just league pretenders.

        I'd take a respectable top 3 finish & CL football next season over two domestic cups and mid table mediocrity. Anyone can win a cup or two. The league table never lies though, that's the true measure of where we are I think....