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  • Turkey_Slapper Turkey_Slapper May 2, 2012 07:25 Flag

    This is now out of hand.

    Off all the years I have been watching EPL, i have seen once this failing vibe gets into team of loosing games and poor form, its near impossible to come out of that unless there is change of management. We have seen this with Spurs, Chelsea, West brom, even us last season. Unfortunately it has crept back again into LFC.
    No one can even argue that KD didnt have the funds to spend..because he had plenty of that and has yielded in a carling cup maybe FA cup.. whatever it yields i would still deem this season a disspointment because of no CL and loosing games at home which for any LFC fans are hardest to take.

    Yet looking at this in a rational way i would ask what if we were still fighting for a CL spot, lets say we are at fifth, sixth like newcastle and chelsea and have already got carling cup and may end up with FA CUP, but just fall short of getting the CL spot and end up at 5th by a whisker.

    In a situation like that would you still say Kenny out ?
    If Newcastle end up at fifth and they won nothing would you say they have had a more successful season then us ? given that we are in Europa cup aswell ? What if Chelsea dont win CL or even FA cup and finish 5th or 6th would you say they have had a better season then us despite winning nothing even though they have been in the world stage in CL?

    I for one would not shed any tears if FSG did remove KD in summer because i have fond memories of Rafas days besides the last season when we would regularly beat anyone at Anfield and competing in EUrope and i want that back. However putting thought into this rationally i think KD should perhaps lead the team next season and we should re-asses our position in the January transfer window. If we are still languishing mid table i am confident you will see a major uprise among the fans and surely FSG would get rid of KD and thats fair !

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    • I hear both of you loud and clear, and am in complete agreement.

      I knew the 'second string' excuse would get pedalled. Fact is, that scoreline flattered us. The lads out there just didn't seem to give a toss, with the possible exception of Carroll.

      What I find hard to believe is the sheer blind belief of many LFC fans that it'll be alright next season under Kenny. Whatevidence can they possibly base that on? His signings? His tactics? His ability to fire the lads up???

      Noone out there tonight looked like they gave a damn. Whose fault is that? The managers surely.

      We are a mid-table team, playing like relegation battlers for MORE THAN half the league season now. After the money that's been spent on this squad, there is only one word for that - embarrassing.

      That's why we're a laughing stock right now.

      That's why most neutrals won't want to see us lift the FA Cup, because we're just league pretenders.

      I'd take a respectable top 3 finish & CL football next season over two domestic cups and mid table mediocrity. Anyone can win a cup or two. The league table never lies though, that's the true measure of where we are I think....

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      • Abu I couldn't agree with you more..

        What basis have these sheep of KD's got to assume he'll make it all ok again?

        Why not base it on what he's done of late and not what he did 20 odd yrs ago...

        Back then he was a god.. and we won everything.. The KD we have now is one thats been out of the game in terms of management. He managed Newcastle and he was poor there.. So we rehire him and he's been poor here.. ok so we won a CC against a team whose in a league lower. Our league position doesn't lie..

        If he stays as manager I'd be very suprised if we improve. More likely to be more of the same.

      • Funny that "anyone can win a cup" and yet over the last 23 years 18 of them have been won by the same 4 teams!
        If it was so easy surely there would be a greater variety? or are the likes of everton,villa,stoke,all concentrating on getting into the top 4?

      • I would not agree with you more abu, those lads just did not give a hoot. But can anyone really blame them? To all the players with the possible exception of Carroll, Skrtl and the blue eyed boy Henderson, being selected yesterday meant just one thing ...... you are not playing on Saturday. Maxi could have scored a treble and he would not have had a sniff, Doni could have saved 3 penalties and he would not have had a chance in hell of starting, not that I am faulting Doni in any way. My point is that Kenny when he selected that team, he might as well have said to them "lads you are playing coz we want the real team to be fresh and rested on Saturday", if that is not bad management, then I dont know what is. The team was set and sent out with a mentality to fail and they did.