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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes May 2, 2012 12:54 Flag

    This is now out of hand.

    And do you know what ? all you snipers and defeatists will be singing the same song when the next guy doesn't win the league within 2yrs.
    Using the same logic Man Utd would have got rid of Sir 10yr old malt when he didn't win a title within 18 months and where would they be? On their 13th? 15th manager!

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    • D'yknow bty,rather than sniper or defeatist, I like to see myself as a realist. First off, we are going to win the FA Cup this weekend, absolutely no doubt about it 'cos our name is on it...and the players all know it too, so there's no need to worry about their motivation in this game. As for the Prem title in the next 4/5 years, I dont know but I'd at least hope we would be in it to win it and giving it our best shot to be in the top 5/6, I'm not baying for No 1 spot immediately. When Kenny came in last year, he turned us round big style and he had the players buzzing again after the dreary Woy mid-table mentality. We finished so well, I couldnt wait for the start of this season and after stuttering a bit we settled down into "mid table,bedding in but things will eventually turn the corner" form. Since New Year however our Prem form has nosedived big style and the form book says our points and goals return is on a par with relegation strugglers and I'm old enough to remember when we last went down in the early 1950's and I dont want to go there again. The big question about "give the manager another year" is wether our form trend will continue poor as of now, or will we start getting back on track to "top 6 land"? I wish I knew 'cos I have great memories of Kenny as a player and as our manager first time round, indeed when he took over from Woy I had a great feeling he was back in his old groove, but I think that all the trials and tribulations this season have really knocked a lot of the stuffing out of him, he looks tired and apprehensive with little enthusiasm particularly when "meeting" the ar@eholes of the sporting press. The big question for our American owners is can they afford to have a continuation of the current Prem form next year, 'cos changing managers in mid season is not a good thing for anyone. It'll be decision time this summer "Mr President, when you either @hit or get off the pot"... Chelsea were lucky to have Roberto Di Mateo there on tap, a club "old boy" who has taken the easy and effective way out, by going back in time and appealing to all the Old Guard to remember the good old days. Theyve delivered for him in the short term, but he wont get away with it next year as age tempers past glories.

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      • Ron...

        Your words "after the dreary Woy mid-table mentality"

        This isnt a rhetorical question, I dont know the answer, but were we ever lower in the table under RH, than were we are now?
        We may have been at the start of the season when everything was just shaking down, but I dont think we were.

        Im not advocating a RH return and I dont know who would be best for the job, thats up to the owners.

        But based on what is going on now...

        anything is better than this!!!

    • Surely if KK doesn't feel he is up to the job or believes there is a better man out ther he'll retire anyway........We're having our worst season results wise in my life time but I still believe in a man who has always had LFC in his heart...........If he feels he is not up to the job, he'll go.....But do we really want to turn into a Chelski chopping the manager every season until we get in to the Champions League.........and then even if we do win tht our we going to be happy or are we going to sack that manager because we only got 2nd in the prem.......We got silverware in our cabinet and a FA cup final to deal with and we've got Europa next season..........Gerrards been injured, Squarez got an 8 match ban, Kelly and Flanagan have come through the ranks and we've hit the woodwork more than any team this season..................But I think most of you are right, lets get rid of Kenny in his first season and lets get in Mourino or lets get Benitez back because both of them them are red through and through................Or lets try and pry Roy away from his England job because as we now, Northampton are formidable opponents. YNWA used to stand for something, it won't if we cut of the head of an LFC legend rather than letting him fall on his own sword IF the time is right.