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  • Jason Jason May 2, 2012 16:54 Flag

    This is now out of hand.

    Do you want to know the god's honest truth in this regards to what Henry/FSG are thinking about all this...

    Since there are no cup competitions mid season in baseball it's hard for me to quantify apples to apples, so I'll just say it hypothetically... If the Red Sox manager had won some sort of mid season tournament (Carling Cup reference), with the Sox regular schedule form being good-ok, as it was... the manager would be safe..

    Continuing on, as the results in the schedule began to take a nosedive with losing streaks snapped, only to be followed by more losing streaks, particularly at home against what were considered poor competition, the Red Sox manager would be fired, or as we say in the states on the "Hot Seat", except it would be "RED HOT"..

    To continue on further, if the Sox manager changed his entire team for a game prior to another up coming tournament (FA Cup reference), at home, and put up that type of performance, the Sox manager would have been fired on the spot, no questions asked, even with that "Cup Competition" to play for in a few days.. they wouldn't care because that's why every team/club has an assistant or 1st team coach.. and that would be that..

    There's probably a couple of reasons, most obvious, a sign of respect to the KD / Anfield faithful who'd backlash, that they've shown incredible restraint to which I cannot fathom having seen how they operate all these years. If they win the FA Cup, they will be down on the pitch and in the dressing room celebrating, saying all great things to reporters and cameras, talking up success.. but will still have the same restraint to their lingering thoughts fresh in their mind, and if we should follow up the Cup win with consecutive losses to Chelsea and Swans, the Cup with be forgotten like a fart in the wind..

    If we lose the cup, and lose the remaining 2.. Kenny's seat will be so hot, Lucifer would be pain..

    Sorry to say it, but that's just what it is.. that team yesterday, Liverpool players, mostly all EPL calibre were terrible, the tactics were terrible, the game was unwatchable, it was a HOME match which is the worst thing you could possibly offer up to your fans, especially being broadcast on global television..

    Kenny may have possibly handed over the hammer, with just a few nails to go.. Factually speaking, and please follow the Red Sox now with their new manager and how they're faring, and do fare the rest of the season for reference, the sack would have happened by now..

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    • Thanks for that perspective Jason. Insights into the owner's mindset with the Red Sox are not irrelevant by any stretch.

      I do wonder if the owners might have acted by now if our manager was anyone other than a club legend idolised by fans.

      Noone doubts Kenny's love for the club, that he is LFC to the core and will stop at nothing to deliver success. The boost he delivered to the club last season - from top to bottom - was immense. I just can't help wondering though if it was a false high, and the honeymoon is now over.

      I don't think our league form is a blip. It's relegation form for over half a season! We are so fortunate that the first half of our season was as good as it was. Because with out it, we'd be battling for survival right now!

      My idea of progress at the club isn't clouded by domestic cup runs. All can see is level with Fulham, a few points from a bottom half finish (still possible for us!!) and behind Everton, who have been operating on a shoe string budget for years compared to us!!!!

      And I struggle to have BLIND faith that it'll all come good next season under Kenny. I base that on current evidence, not past glories, or on WHO the manager is.......