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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United May 3, 2012 01:12 Flag

    This is now out of hand.

    Thanks for that perspective Jason. Insights into the owner's mindset with the Red Sox are not irrelevant by any stretch.

    I do wonder if the owners might have acted by now if our manager was anyone other than a club legend idolised by fans.

    Noone doubts Kenny's love for the club, that he is LFC to the core and will stop at nothing to deliver success. The boost he delivered to the club last season - from top to bottom - was immense. I just can't help wondering though if it was a false high, and the honeymoon is now over.

    I don't think our league form is a blip. It's relegation form for over half a season! We are so fortunate that the first half of our season was as good as it was. Because with out it, we'd be battling for survival right now!

    My idea of progress at the club isn't clouded by domestic cup runs. All can see is level with Fulham, a few points from a bottom half finish (still possible for us!!) and behind Everton, who have been operating on a shoe string budget for years compared to us!!!!

    And I struggle to have BLIND faith that it'll all come good next season under Kenny. I base that on current evidence, not past glories, or on WHO the manager is.......