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  • Delphi Delphi May 2, 2012 22:49 Flag

    This is now out of hand.

    Rafa likes facts. FACTS are that getting into top 4 is all important. CL is a huge source of finance. LFC need it as the stadium brings in almost half of United or Arsenal and the same as about four or five others. CL football encourages players to stay. Torres Mereilles Mascherano.ring any bells. Bale and Modric want out of Spurs. As other clubs do well so their commercial success off the field will match and overtake Liverpool's. United are pulling further and further away in that respect. Fair play rules if enforced will cause problems for none CL clubs. LFC dither over a stadium basically because they cannot afford one otherwise it would have started. Other clubs are looking for sights and have the money sorted. Big money players have failed. Dalglish and LFC cannot motivate or coach or scout. There are no more sugar daddies to spend money as at Chelsea and City. The future isn't bright. I still believe a poor final display and result will see Dalglish sacked. Let's see.

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    • I always thought LFC's ethos was : Concentrste on league success thats the priority and cups are a welcome bonus.

      Now thats reversed it would seem?

      You're quite right is saying players want to join clubs that are in the CL.

      I rarely or ever read / hear that players want to join a club that does well in domestic cups.

      A note to Jason although I don't know what FSG / Henry's policy is, on what they consider a success or failure in terms of manager, and how much they / he is willing tollerate.

      I would guess that this season would be deemed a failure and KD is the man whose created that failure.

      Would I be right?