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  • Colyn Colyn May 4, 2012 12:46 Flag

    pep guardiola

    Just when I thought you were about to talk sense!!

    yes I agree that the club needs a good enema and a fresh start. In some (not all) we need to get away from the past success that seems to be weighing heavily around the club. At the same time we do need to keep some aspects that make the club what it is, it's identity etc.

    Most importantly for me whoever and where ever that person may be within the club needs to ensure that any success now is purely a spring board for more success. No flash in the pans or starting a new 5 year project in 5 years time please.

    results only played a part in Hodgsons demise. Everyone knows the real reason is he lost the Kop, the supporters. His conservative style, direct at times went completely against the grain. A few press conferences later including one where he didn't stamp on Sir Red Nose and he was doomed.

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    • We've been having this "5yr plan" for more than 5 yrs haven't we?
      Ok H&G had a 5 yr plan they screwed us over..
      Now I don't think FSG will. We LFc fans have been more than patient in wanting success again for LFC..

      Question is how much longer are we gonna put up with all the broken promises and 5 yr plan after 5 yr plan that comes to nothing.. ie the title?