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  • Once again outdone by poor officials, but for me the lack of experience in midfield, was the key. I think Gerrard should have played a bit deeper, and Henderson should have been replaced by Maxi. Dirk should have been given longer to give it a go, and then who knows ?
    Looking forward to having Lucas back next season, just have to give it our best in the last two games, then re-group, and see where we can go next time

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    • Why poor officials. It wasn't fully over the line.

    • Poor officials?
      What, because they couldn't, in an instant make the decision you want but over half the viewing public would disagree with after seeing umpteen replays?
      As for Gerrard, if he had played any deeper he would have been behind Reina. I wonder, was that Kenny's decision for him to play so deep or his own lack of confidence in his midfield team mates to do a job? We all know that LFC looked at their most potent in recent games when Gerrard played just in behind Suarez but for some unknown reason in this game he played just in front of Agger and Skertl for far too long, leaving Suarez up on his own with no support and no-one to feed him. Was SG thinking it was 2006 again and he could do it all on his own?
      As for the Henderson vs Maxi choice, how could you possibly? I've been no supporter of Henderson all season until the last couple of games and 3 weeks ago would have totally agreed with you. On recent form, though how could you possibly pick Maxi? He was given a good go and he went AWOL. Henderson, on the other hand was played more centrally in the last couple of games and actually seemed to be getting better.
      My surprise in this cup game was not that Henderson was picked but that KD chose to shove him out on the right again, where he has been most of the season and proven to be almost totally useless.
      Yet anothe of Kenny's mistakes going into this game, for mine.

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      • Would you consider not starting with Andy Caroll a mistake? He was very lively and pumped up when he came on. Well, you can say it is hindsight but I am still surprised that he did not start.

        Spearing was not effective. Enrique looked unsure when he got past the half way line. He just run out of idea after getting upfield.

        The first half was a pedestrian affairs. It does not feel like a cup final at all.

    • Having played against your lot way too many times in recent years, I was amazed at how poor you were for the first hour. I think that was the worst you have played against us for many years. I don't know if anyone else noticed but to me, Gerrard's face walking out before the match had defeat written all over it.

      In particular, Bellamy was poor and kept giving the ball away, Spearing was out of his depth, Suarez was invisible, Downing I didn't even realise was playing in the first half. And Reina, usually one of your best three players, might as well just have stood there and waved the ball into the net both times.

      It was only when you went two down that the team seemed to think they should actually try. Maybe they were over-awed by the occasion, I don't know. When they did start trying it was a different team. It wasn't just Carroll although he was a big catalyst. And, for once, he was awesome. For half an hour he was worth what you paid for him and better than Torrid has played for us. You were unlucky with the goal-line incident. I don't know whether it was all over the line or not either, but you were unlucky either way.

      One factor against all this is that Chelsea looked absolutely knackered in the last half hour. We have played twice a week since the beginning of March and it shows. Most of our team played Wednesday night, most of your team had Tuesday night off. No wonder you were fresher at the end. You know we've run out of reserves when Ramires gets taken off because his legs aren't working any more.

      For me, it's always a relief to beat Liverpool, especially in a big match. The league positions don't matter in these matches - normally your team shows a belief against us and a determination which overrides any difference in quality. Yesterday it didn't for two thirds of the match. It was a game of three thirds, Brian. We won the first third and scored a goal. We won the second third and scored a goal. You won the last third and scored a goal. 2-1 to us.


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      • Oh, and a couple of other things. I have been critical of Dalglish's PR this season. But his after the match interview was very fair and reasonable and restrained. Also I have been critical of Suarez's inability to stay on his feet. With the exception of mouthing off at the linesman which got him his booking, I thought he was well-behaved yesterday.

        Mind you, Glenda kept getting tripped by the grass snakes.


    • as a spurs supporter i can sympathise...../we were both denied by incompetent spineless officials with goal decisions.(...yes i know we lost 5-1 but at the time it would have been 1-1 asnd who knows what might have happened.....yes chelsea won.....but there will always be a sense of grievance....hard luck liverpool....like us you were robbed...

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      • Derek - seen lots of replays now of Carroll's second 'goal'. The side on still shot shows the ball is definitely more in that out of the goal. But I've yet to see any angle that shows beyond shadow of a doubt it 100% crossed the line!

        Until I can see something that suggests that, I have to conclude that the ref, linesman etc got this decision right.....

      • Derek, cant comment on your game but, even as a hardened LFC supporter, I cant agree with you on the outcome of the cup final. I thought the officials were excellent and, given that even the graphics afterwards were unclear, they applied the rules faultlessly as I think you will find most LFC supporters accept. Wish it were not so but there you have it. Time for goalline technology surely?

    • We've been round this block a few times before, but it's never been clear to me what advantage people think Drogba is hoping to gain by lying on the ground after a decision has or hasn't been made. There is a clear advantage to be gained by pretending to have been fouled.

      There was once yesterday when Drogba wanted physio attention and then had to go off the pitch when play resumed? Is that comparable to going to ground several times looking for free kicks, and getting one or two of them? Not in my view.


    • Didier might disagree with you there.

      I think the reason he goes down and gets treatment when Chelsea are under pressure is to give his team time to catch their breath, reorganise and take the sting out of the game.

      But whether you agree with that or not is a moot point isn't it? Pretending to be hurt and pretending to be fouled are both forms of cheating aren't they? In the same way that claiming a throw in should be yours when you know it touched you last is also cheating.

      My only point is that all teams do it and if you are suggesting it was only "Glenda" yesterday who was seeking to con the officials then I think you are wrong.

    • Yes, of course all teams indulge in trying to get decisions from the ref. But there are different levels of it. Hurling yourself to the ground in the penalty area to try to get a penalty is worse than accepting a throw that you know should have gone to the other team.

      I didn't suggest Johnson was the only player to try to get a decision from the ref yesterday. But he was easily the worst, as I saw it. As I say, I simply don't think the Drogba incident was comparable.


    • Maybe he just likes the physios attention she is quite a looker compared to most!

    • Ahem, she's the club doctor, not the physio. And employed entirely for her medical excellence.

      But yes, I made a similar point earlier:

      She's gorgeous, isn't she.


    • Brains and looks I am impressed

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