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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter May 6, 2012 10:38 Flag

    So now what?

    A complete rethink is in order..

    Strategies need changing..
    The dutch style of "total football" seems to be widely admired. So would that work here?

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    • So now the season is over..

      So now what'll happen?

    • Loki I feel FSG just need to be clever in the transfer market,, Not always about shelling out on pricey players..

      Yes we need to spend a little more than they've done so.. Maybe even set a minimun transfer budget every transfer window, on what'll be spent?.

      I'm sure FSG / Henry have a plan in place regarding spending on players.. Just as long as it doesn't go back to the bad old days of having to sell before we can spend.. Unless clearing the decks is a matter of just getting rid of under performing players & those whose costing too much in wages..

      Such as Cole..

    • Why?

      He still wont get the service he needs as our midfield needs a player or two and his value is depreciating faster than a brand new Saab

    • No way in F*ckin H3LL !
      Liverpool do not go back for F*kers like that !
      It was good business by Commoli at the time!

    • Maybe we could get him on the cheap this summer?

    • Lol true he's no longer the player he was..

    • Armchair Torres is no Torres either LOL !

    • Don't take it personally Robert, just a little friendly jab at your club's owner and his ability to see the long run.

      However we may not have been in real danger of going down, but I did say a "gnat's hair away". Fact is we spent 3 weeks in the relegation zone and were hovering not far above it till January. If it had not been for a fairly good 3 game winning spell in late Oct early Nov (last one against your lot, you always make us feel better) I think it very likely we'd not only be in the bottom half till then, but most likely in the relegation zone.

      But personally I don't put all the blame on Hodgson for where we were. I reserve that for H&G. Seems to me the slide began well before Roy took over. So in some ways I feel sorry for our new England manager. I'm glad he's not the manager as he was a poor choice, and while some complain about the recruits that have come in during KD's tenure almost have their prime ahead of them, while Roy gave us Konchesky and Poulson, already well over the hill.

      But he could also not heal the wounds within the club, getting everyone united and working for a single goal, rather than looking around trying to blame someone. Very few top managers would have touched us with a barge poll at that point, so it had to be someone who bled true red, and I really think Kenny was the only person capable last season to put us back on course. That is why I find it so hard to understand after going through that, seeing the ship still no where near its destination, but definitely righted and on course, why so many would want to go through it again.

      Progress is moving forward. Maybe league position or accumulated points is a way to measure it, but only one way. I have no idea what you do for a living, but get the sense your pretty bright so most likely work in a field where a single metric all on its own is unlikely to tell the full story of whether your doing a good job or not. Running a football club may look like a simple thing to some of the fickle fans, but I do think your smart enough to understand it takes someone with pretty unique skills to run a football club, and keep it moving forward on all fronts.

      Rafa did generally keep us in the top 4, although should note not in his first season with us, even though he did bring in a pot (yes it was a big one). I kept supporting Rafa because in my view he kept making steady progress, and I feel Kenny will too. Of course i could be proved wrong and the progress in healing wounds, getting the side to play at a team, helping get our financial nightmare behind us, and ensuring the club has a winning spirit about it might pettier our next season. If it does maybe its fair to judge him at that point, but until then, I'll preach what I practice, which is a little bit of patience.

    • You're right about a rethink.

      Maybe we need to have more fans who support the team instead of continual slagging off. To be fair, if you don't go the game then your opinion isn't worth sh*t anyway.

      Armchair, you do make me laugh. The Dutch style of football - Lucifer's @rsehole! If you were gonna say something stupid, why not say let's go for Brazilian style of football? Next you'll be saying FSG should bid 1 billion quid for the entire Barca team!

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      • Oh I do support LFC.. I just don't believe in supporting a lame duck manager. One whose got no back up plan if plan A fails..

        it's happened all season KD tries something then that fails and he's got no more ideas left.

        Yes dutch footaball a style thats still used and adapted by so many other clubs around the world. Barca being the most high profile club to use it, and still does..

        As for your crazy notion about FSG buying the Barca team.. Well if FSG had a billion lying around I'm sure they'd have built a stadium by now and bought in a top manager.. We'd also have the best players in the world..

        Oh well nice to dream eh !!

        Just like people are in dreamland if they think KD is the man to take us foward..

        It's this club I love not the manager as managers come and go..

        If they've not done whats expected then why should they still be employed? Especially since we're worse than we have in decades.. Oh yea and thats under KD !!

    • I'll have you know that this Chelsea fan waited thirty six years between starting to support the club and winning the league, so you needn't lecture me about patience. And I've never called for a Chelsea manager to be sacked - to a Chelsea fan that's just a normal way to finish the season.

      I think you exaggerate it when you say Liverpool were a relegation candidate. No-one saw them as that. You certainly didn't! If I remember correctly Hodgson and then Dalglish took over a team that finished seventh in 2010, which was regarded as failure and led to Benitez getting dumped. Two years on, or one and a half if you like, finishing ninth or tenth, and with smaller gaps below than above, simply doesn't look like progress. Yes, you had two good cup runs, without European games to worry about. But Benitez generally finished in the top four even with putting out second teams before CL matches.

      But anyway, this is more a private disagreement between Liverpool fans I don't need to get involved with. You're right - it is subjective to a point. But then, I think league position is the most powerful and objective measure there is. And that applies as much for us as for you.


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