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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter May 6, 2012 10:38 Flag

    So now what?

    A complete rethink is in order..

    Strategies need changing..
    The dutch style of "total football" seems to be widely admired. So would that work here?

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    • In the words of Hudson from the movie Aliens..

      !Hudson: That's it man, game over man, game over! What the f@ck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?"

    • When you hire someone to build you a house and he just finished laying the foundations if you think he's taking too long do you ask for a whole new design?

    • The main thing is not to panic and start firing people and selling players. I was very happy when Kenny came back and I suppose I thought all he had to do was stand there and that would be enough to inspire the players. Things haven't gone as well as I had hoped but if there is any person who deserves more time and that is Kenny. What I would like though is either Jamie or Stevie brought more into the fore maybe as player-vice-manager.

    • Pardew built his house in the same time while losing 4 of his best players and given £30m to spend. Don't panic and sack people bet you were first in the queque to get rid of Hodgson.

    • You really are a total fuckwit Armchair aren't you spouting shite about Dutch total football and the rest of the bollocks you spout !
      Where did you read this before you shared it with us bearing in mind the talk of Dutch total football was actually talked about in the 70's onwards and what exactly can the Dutch teach us since the 90's, please remind me of their recent successes at club and international level please!

    • If KD loves the club as much as people says.. Then he'll do the honourable thing and step aside and quit..

      Either quit or be sacked.. quitting would be the honourable thing to do.. As it's thinking of the club first and not himself..

      It'll be interesting what he does or what the owners do from now and during the summer..

      If he quits thwn I wish him best of luck in whatever he does. If he clings on then I'll be worried for the future of our great club..

    • Ok then perhaps it will take 2 yrs..I still doubt KD is the man who'll take us there..

      Look at the players he brought in..
      Henderson (crap), Adam (over rated & crap), Downing (just a sub or used when playing lesser opposition at best), Carroll (couldn't score if his hair was on fire).. These are the players who were to bring us success..

      Little wonder we're now 9th and that could be 10th at the end of the season..

      It's been our worst season in decades..

    • What is the difference of where we finish now, 9th/10th we all know we had a crap season, so lets move on and start to plan for the next season because we need to ensure that it is more successful than this awful one.
      Lets back the team, manager and owners with the hope they will turn it around.

    • Sorry sofa, but I need to pick on you just a little bit.

      "Carroll (Couldn't score if his hair was on fire)"

      Did you watch the final? How about the semi final?

      Let me ask you honestly what were your thoughts on Lucas in his first 2 seasons with us? Do you have any patience?

      I know you’re frustrated with where we are, we all are, but for some reason you've got it in your head that its all down to Kenny and by getting rid him all will be well. The structural issues that the club had when Kenny came on board are much bigger than any man could solve in a year. You can throw out all your names of the European elite of management, but I can promise you none of them would have been able to bring the success this season your expectations demand. To be honest I doubt very few of them would have even taken on the project considering how low we were when Kenny took over. Don’t you remember, a gnat’s hair off the relegation zone, going into an FA cup game at OT with Konchesky our first choice LB, and the likes of Poulson anchoring our midfield, and Torres in full sulk as he’d seen every decent player who could take the lifeboats out of town. Looking back I actually don’t blame him for going to Chelsea, his dream of success in England must have looked a million miles away as he contemplated his future.

      Progress is measured by the distance you move from where you were to where you currently are. Success or victory is actually achieving the goal you set out to accomplish. We are a far way off victory, but still making progress, and if you'd take off the simplistic view that just changing the manager will fix everything, you might be able to see that.

    • I think the starting difference between you and others is that when you say "we are still making progress" others see the league performance this year as negative progress.

      And I say that knowing that you'll probably win tomorrow night. Our progress this year has been negative too, even if it does turn out to be our best season ever.


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