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  • I am tired of everyone on this board who keep making excuses. These are the facts:

    - We haven't had more than 3 or 4 dominating performances this season.

    - We get consistently outplayed by lesser teams.

    - We can't maintain possession.

    - If it weren't for the sporadic quality of some very few players we would be in relegation zone.

    - Most players don't have the quality, or the potential, to wear the red shirt (Carrol, Henderson, Flanagan,

    - KD is a LFC hero as a player, but as a boss he thinks with his heart, not with his brain. As a manager he ranks among the EPL's bottom 3. So much so that I am convinced to say that I'd rather see Rafa back than KK's continuity, results prove my statement.

    - Our current squad doesn't cut it, we need a major overhaul, no more 5 yr plan BS. Keep Reina, Jose Enrique, Johnson, Stevie, and Suarez (maybe Bellars, the rest of the squad is average or below average. Sell everyone else, add a few $$$ and get proven quality players, not 1 yr wonders, or unproven talent for ridiculous prices.

    We need a radical change, KK is not the answer.

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