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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 9, 2012 13:31 Flag

    FSG need to prove themselves

    Yes, we all want that, every fan wants that from their club. Its a bit embarrasing to be calling out the owners to prove themselves when that is all they have done so far at every point of asking. Its pathetic. You say all they have done is invest £30m but they also invested £300m in buying the club in the first place, which actually was paying off our own debt! They never said, money is no object, quite the contrary. They have made it clear that if we need a certain player and we can identify him then we will get him. That is all.

    We will buy again this summer, I think we will get the players we need to move forward too. Its fans with unrealistic expectations that will end up ruining it for those of us who were in pieces when we were the worlds laughing stock 18 months ago.

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    • Peter, either you are illiterate or just plain stupid. I presume your not dictating you messages to a PA then you know what my opinion is.

      Did I say money no object? Just because you buy a club doesn't mean sh*t to me, because that doesn't prove your committed to making it a success. Obviously if that was the case then the previous owners would have done that wouldn't they? Or has somebody transplanted a goldfish's memory in to your head? Just because FSG spent 300 mil on us doesn't mean a thing. If they sold it tomorrow then I'm sure they would get their money back.

      I'll explain myself in potato head English so you can understand better.

      They have said they are committed to both a stadium and success. They have said they can compete on a financial level with any club in the world. I want them to prove what they say. Action, not platitudes!

      Why is that unrealistic??