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  • Loki Loki May 7, 2012 23:25 Flag

    FSG need to prove themselves

    I don't think they have as yet. Yes the club is more stable than the last lot, and the commercial department is actually starting to look the business, but it is an irrefutable truth that they have only spent a net £34 mil, and if we are not gonna end up in the doldrums of 30 odd points behind the champions every season then they need to seriously up the ante to the tune of 50 mil plus sales (at least) so we can get the quality of player required to break back in to the top four and then compete for the title.

    Sabermetrics does not work for football, every team buys the title.

    Lets not forget the stadium issue either.

    It's my opinion that come August, we are going to know whether FSG are serious about success at LFC, or its just more bullsh*t.

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    • Yes you're right Peter, I apologise.

    • Erm, thank you. As I can interpret your post as something close to a compliment I shall overlook the misphrasing of the question...


    • awwww, Loki, quick to turn to insults arent you?! I'm not going to get involved in a keyboard abuse battle with you, your clearly very tough with plastic keys at your disposal.

      During your abusive post you state "Did I say, money no object?" But here is your previous post I was responding to:
      "My point is that the owners have been going on about how money is no object when it comes to success"
      They never said that, it is hurting my potato head so much, duuuhhhh.

      Cutting through the abuse you go on to complain about "buying a club doesnt mean sh*t to you, because that doesnt prove your commited to making it a sucess", it does however, stop it going into administration. They might have said they could compete on a financial level with any club in the world but I havent seen any statements saying they can outmuscle City and Madrid, your imagining things.

    • Sensible expectations
      I honestly think LFC's rebirth will be chapters in a book.

      Dogleish will be there for another season or 2, galvanising what he has with slow increments forward and lets face it 6 home wins is not what you are about.

      Its just as well you won the league cup as i think European football will at least attract that 2nd tier of players you need, this is where you are at at the moment.

      You will maybe sneak back into the top 4 at some point which again will attract a few top tier players, then they will sell up, make a profit, move on and someone else will take the reigns, who will bring in their own manager, which again is whats needed, Dogleish isnt top tier anymore, its gone past him.

      A new stadium............hahahaha, envelopes to LCC again??

    • Hey, Robert, here´s a question for you. Were you born cynical or have you always been that way? Whichever, keep it up please - your posts are always spicey as a result.

    • Were you so excited by your result last night that you're still pissed?


    • So theirs imposters..


    • Calm down, calm down. There are more people than just me called


    • Whoa Robert !! Your words like "we, us" suggests you're turning to the red side ;).. if so welcome aboard lol.. you it makes sense..

    • Well Sean, my expectations are that they will provide sufficient funds the club to be able for us to properly compete for a top four spot. I believe we have to take small steps instead of trying to rule the world in one season (which a lot of the posters on here seem to think we should).

      I accept they allowed us to spend over a hundred mil before we got rid of the driftwood (I was very impressed with that), but the net spend was a modest 34 mil. In order for us to compete for that top four, the net spend this summer has to be another 20 mil on top of that, I really believe that. The following season a similar investment depending on how we do next year.

      Look at the way City have progressed. From nowhere to probable champs in what - 3 or 4 seasons? They've substantially invested every season and shown superb patience in the manager, and I think everyone would agree our starting point is nowhere as low as City's was.

      As you say it's all conjecture. I don't usually listen to rumours but I was in a cab the other day and the driver said the owners were unhappy with some players and said to Kenny 'Get rid of the underperformers, and you'll only be getting the money from sales.' Probably a load of sh*t (you know Liverpool cabbies!) but that is my worst nightmare.

      When Tom Werner comes out and says they can compete with financially with any club in the world.....I want that demonstrated - EMPHATICALLY! Otherwise its just another mistake by the club in owner selection.

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