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    FA Cup final in reflection

    I havent been on here over the weekend (as i am normally busy eating, working, drinking and pretending I can still play myself) but I have just about got over the weekends result. It doesnt seem to hurt as much as usual, if anything, in some ways it may be a good thing is to some extent it stops cracks being papered over. It really was a bit silly that people had got to a point where Kenny should be sacked or given another year based on a single 90 mins.

    The 1st goal was dissapointing, we all know that Ramires can run but he just isnt quicker then Enrique. I dont know whats happened to Jose, he is either carrying an injury or is seriously fatigued as he just isnt as quick as he was 3 months ago. Certainly doesnt look like someone who nearly became an international sprinter!

    The 2nd was avoidable too, Skrtel gave Drogba too much space, assuming pushing him on his left would stop him scoring but to be fair, it was a very good finish. Up until that point, the game was one sided and I think the 2-0 lead was well deserved. Chelsea didnt play that well but it was a lot better then us! From then on in, it was all Liverpool but you cant try and win cup finals for 30 mins only!

    Its pretty easy to highlight the difference Carroll made when he came on, he was superb. Great feet for his goal and desperately unlucky for the 'equaliser' with ITV cameras showing it definitely crossed the line but BBCs saying otherwise! IT was no suprise to see Carroll play well, he has been playing like that for a month now, he just has had worse delivery in that time, he should have started, Bellamy was put in based on his mid season form.

    Statistically we had the lead in everything except the magical 'goals scored' column, shame its the only one that matters. Congratulations to Chelsea, they rode their luck for 30 mins but they were the better team for 60, nobody wins anything these days without a bit of luck along the way.

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    • I though we were absolutely shocking for over an hour. Losing possession far too easily and Chelsea were able to make in roads into our defense at will. Enrique was definitely exposed for the first goal and as you say Skrtel gave Drogba far too much room.

      Did anyone think that Reina might have done a little better for the first goal. Being beaten at the near post is a cardinal sin for a keeper.

      In short, and I've said it for ages, our midfield was and has been powder puff. There is absolutely nothing or no one in there that will impose themselves on the game. There's no leadership in there at all.

      Add to that the poor movement and we ran out of ideas just beyond the half way line. I lost count of how many times Agger brought it forward and didn't have any real options.

      The Carrol switch made the difference. Huge credit to him and to me it proves that a big part of his problem this season is due to our powder puff midfield and a lack of service. There have been Carroll issues such as a lack of movement etc. but he really went for it on Saturday.

      Evan after th swich we were really open on the break. Again the midfield not being able to retain possession and dictate the game sufficiently.

      A lot to do!!

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      • Yes I agree, Reina could have done better, it was a very soft goal, I wonder sometimes if Rafa used to have better goalkeeping coaches!

        The midfield is our biggest problem, out wide and in the centre, yes, over the season we have created chances but a lot of those have been speculative and half chances rather then clear cut sitters. Honestly, I hate using United as an example but when you see someone like Valencia burst down the wing then not hit random crosses but come in of the line and hit slide rule passes for tap ins, it does make you wonder why we dont get these kind of widemen.