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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 8, 2012 10:50 Flag

    FA Cup final in reflection

    Yes I agree, Reina could have done better, it was a very soft goal, I wonder sometimes if Rafa used to have better goalkeeping coaches!

    The midfield is our biggest problem, out wide and in the centre, yes, over the season we have created chances but a lot of those have been speculative and half chances rather then clear cut sitters. Honestly, I hate using United as an example but when you see someone like Valencia burst down the wing then not hit random crosses but come in of the line and hit slide rule passes for tap ins, it does make you wonder why we dont get these kind of widemen.

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    • Probably because finding them of the right quality is difficult and it dictates that you play in a certain way, which certainly wasn't Rafa's style. I don't think we've fully seen Kenny's vision yet.

      I'm a firm believer in a dominant midfield. Dominate that area and you will dominate the game. History backs me up with the most successful sides (including us) having the best central midfield. Sounessa, Whelan, McMahon and Molby, Keane and Scholes, Petit and Viera, Xavi and Busquets just to name a few. I've listed the midfiedl as central pairs but within each of them there is a clear leader that dictates the game and the way a side plays.

      We've sorely missed Lucas this season and I hope he recovers well and soon but we still need someone alongside him as he will never be that dominant player that we need. I don't see anyone alse at the club that can do the role either. Adam doesn't seem to have it, I thought he might but there's no evidence of it. Gerrard doesn't have the discipline to play the role and after that there's no one. Henderson has got a lot of developing to do to grow into the position for sure.