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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns May 8, 2012 10:34 Flag

    ...Admit it..U R SHIITE...

    ...dont be grizzling over that season end phrase you normally come out with of.

    ,,''we just need another couple of world class players''..

    admit it you are toilet material, Klu Klux King Kenny Dogleash of Klanfield, is Kluless...you need to get rid

    Everton, Fulham and likely West Brom are going to finish above you, the table dosent lie

    £35M spent by the last 2 stooges on Stadium Plans...............hahahahahaha, and i'll bet that wasnt to a local Architect.

    get a grip LFC fans you will b ein this position for many years, hows it feel to be joining the rest of us...??

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    • I admit Sean that you're shite ... ;)

    • You're not your

      Anyway. Flawed logic fella

      We've had a bad one in many ways but if we improve by one place that puts us above you and we've been to 2 finals, got a cup in the cupboard and qualified for Europe.

      Now by my reckoning a small one place improvement in our league position which is still pretty poor by our ambitions makes our bad season a whole lot better than yours. Even if its stays the way it is I'd still say our bad season is better as we have more to look forward to next season and an extra pot to polish.


      Oh by the way we'll see what happens tomorrow as well. It's not all done and dusted yet is it?

    • If we're "shite" then why is it that we've the biggest sponsorship kit deal in the EPL? Even more than Man Utd's..

    • Adam was a big fish in a small pond and hasnt aspired to Anfield at all, i think Fergie upped his value when he stated hes corners where worth £10M alone....get rid.

      Rodwell is one of those injury prone players that come out of Goodison, our record of the treatment table is horrendous, maybe its the training, maybe its just him, but he keeps going back.
      Get shot for £10M and move on, i say

    • I get your points and premise, understood. And, we each have our own opinions which is fair enough.. we seem to be miles apart on Skrtel, so agree to disagree on him..

      I do think you make a good point on Fella, which is why I'm very curious to see if he can replicate recent form again next year since this is the best he's looked, and I'm curious if Rodwell will ever look like the player once rumored in a 20M+ switch to Manure.. He's perplexing ..

      I think it's fair to say since no mention of Adam (thank god, don't get me started), we'd both agree he might go back to Rangers for his original 300K ? Perhaps that's being too generous?

    • haha, its him from over the water...
      ..my point here is who would walk into the other side, ive named those at Everton

      Heitenga has matured immensley, yes he had an arrogant WC Final, like most of the Dutch team who had been set out to spoil the show, of which was well within his capabilities.
      Moyes was playing him in front of the back 4 and he was crud as hell.....now in his right position, he has been immense, better than skirtl in my opinion.

      Suarez would walk into any side, let alone Evertons, but i dont see anyone else that is way ahead of the opposing teams similar position, thats why ive only named a few.

      Gerrard on any given day, of course, but his season has not be ones of old.
      Hibbert is as equal this season as Johnson, the other CB's and Midfielders avaerage on both sides.
      Again my point, if you combined the teams, there are far more names written on that team sheet from Everton than LFC. Reina is arguably a better keeper, but not so far ahead on this seasons performances than Howard.
      Im a fan of Agger, but he's only just back, no different than Jagielka.
      Kuyt is as hard working as they come, but so is Osman, and Cahill, not much return from either this season, so they stay aside also, probably all on the wain now.

      Again, its about who would walk into the other side, i'd take Carroll, because all joking aside on his price tag, i like him, how suited he is with Suarez, needs more time to decide, but it would look good on paper with Jelavic, shame you didnt get him Ho Ho, id swap you Carroll for Rodwell, Coleman and Big Vic...is that fair??

      Gibson was a key signing for us, not necessarily because of his skill level etc, which is average, hes only ever a squad player, but it enabled Moyes to push Fellaini forward and put gibson in the hole..........and POW what adifference that has made, Fellaini does his damage further up the pitch, look at the results from there on, we must be right up there on the form guide, over the last 15 games

      i said last season, LFC should have put in a bid of £20-£25M for Adam Johnson, that would have collected you 10 more points at least and how you missed out on Scott Parker for peanuts is amazing, he would have had the same impact McAllister had when he arrived in his later years from Leeds.
      That along with a Hypia type and Molby/Alonso type, who knows who that would be, and you would be top 4.

      As for EFC, its all about no $$$, Pienaar is a must for us and a replacement for Neville who is toilet, blood some youngsters, Gueye the winger, Baxter and Barkley..........then i think we will finish above you.....again.

    • Sean,

      Since our few interactions have managed to be fairly civil and amenable, I'm hoping to keep it along those lines here in my response..

      Jelavic was a hell of a signing, after hearing both LFC and you guys were watching, we didn't make a move for him (or anyone) in January and seeing the return annoys me. If he carries on next year, we'll see, I suspect so or something close to it.
      -Baines, no argument there.
      -Fellaini having his best season by far, would be curious to see him sustain it again, and better than Lucas... dunno?
      -Pienaar v Downing, this year no argument, if Downing can resemble anything like 11 and Pienaar going on 30..eh
      -Here's where I have the big issue, Heitinga? Seriously? He's a walking card, didn't het see red at the WC? Over which of our CBs, Skrtel who's our player of the year and if not 2nd choice all epl, damn close, OR Agger regarded by many (who are blind to Skrtel) as top class? Maybe vs Carra..

      If you're going dollar for dollar with your guys vs the players I'm assuming you're comparing them to... sure you win that one. Shrewd buys on a tight budget and good development, Kudos to Moyes there 100%..

      Glen, Skrtel, Agger, Lucas, Gerrard, Suarez (your feelings aside) Kuyt, Kelly... would any get in the Evt side? Honest question..


    • Yeah but the thing is we can keep signing players while your best keep leaving. Bains will be gone soon and the money really is an issue for such a small club is it not lol.

      I love how you can put such a brave face on it all mate i really do. While we even though having a bad season STILL got to two finals winning one. STILL got into Europe. STILL maybe finish above you small blue noses.

      And guess what? We can STILL buy players for next season.

      Can you say the same over achievers? I think not.

      Laugh away little man/woman laugh away.

    • ...yep, keep signing the downings, the carrolls, adams and hendersons of this world, whilst we'll keep signing the Jelavic's, Pienaars, Baines's, Heitenga's and Fellaini's...........hahahaha

      ...face it, you have been lucky in the last 4, yes 4 seasons, to finish where you where, now you have your true standing

      must really hurt having to say season after season...Just 3 more players, Just 3 more players....hahahahahah

    • Obvious you fell for it mate no need to admit anything. We still have the chance to get better and grow even throw abit more money into the team. I bet you wish you could say the same . Funny i feel a little sorry for ya....NOT!

      Glad you get off on supporting a small team lol.

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