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  • Hobitez Hobitez May 9, 2012 13:41 Flag

    Tactically, shouldn't we want Chelsea to win the CL?

    Newcastle and Spurs being above us is a blip whilst we are rebuilding. 7 years of Chelsea being decent is not. I would rather finish closer to the top of the league even by 3 points then care a toss about whether Newcastle have a single season in the Champions League or whether Tottenham get another midweek campaign to advertise their wantaway players around Europe.

    If anything, what your saying is contradictory. You say Chelsea arent our direct competition but Newcastle and Spurs (both comfortably above Chelsea) are. Yet, you want them to not make it in to a competition that will detract from their league form next season? That, is more power to us.

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    • Good point Peter. Newcastle don´t have the depth of squad to be able to run in the CL and the league successfully and anyway, both they or Tottenham may find themselves pipped if Chelsea win the CL.

      Furthermore, at this stage of our re-development, are there any who truly think that even if we did get fourth that we have the players to compete successfully in both competions?

      Me, I´ll be happy to see us build next season with a few wise player additions, a good cups run and a better league performance. Until fair play gets established, it´ll be impossible to compete meaningfully at all levels alongside the Chelskis, Cities, Barca´s, Reals, AC Milan´s etc with their hugely expensive squads and we have a ways to go before we can count ourselves "back" to where we would like to be.

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      • This year in the Europa will be a good thing for LFC. It gives you another pot to shoot at in the latter stages of the season if you progress but the best thing is that young players like Jonjo, Jay, Kelly, Coates, Sterling etc will get 1st team action and a platform to challenge for a 1st team berth. You rotate to stay strong in the Premier league unlike the Champions league.