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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 9, 2012 16:33 Flag

    Tactically, shouldn't we want Chelsea to win the CL?

    That is a devilish way of looking at things. I like it.

    On some level yes your right. Whether in CL or Europa Chelsea will spend money this summer. 6th place is just not good enough, so unless Roman turns around if he wins in Munich and says I don't want to play with my toy anymore he's going to open his wallet. Add to the fact its still 50/50 on whether there will be a new manager at SB, who will want his own players, then the chances of strengthen no matter what happens.

    But Newcastle and Spurs are a different matter. Both if they want to strengthen they need CL money to do it. I'm not sure about Newcastle, as I think their owner might bank it rather than invest it, but Spurs are well run with a chairman who knows you need investment to succeed, and a manager who likes to spend. Of course the flip side is that without CL football, there is a stronger chance Spurs will actually weaken the squad. No money to keep Adebayor or find an equivalent replacement, and more chance Bale and or Modric decide the grass in greener somewhere else.

    So playing nasty I'd prefer Newcastle get 4th (assuming Ashley is true to form), Spurs 5th and Chelsea slip up in Bavaria, but end of the day the chip will fall where they will and we need to push ahead of them all. May not happen next season, but we’ve got to move in that direction no matter what the other boys do.