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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United May 10, 2012 00:07 Flag

    Tactically, shouldn't we want Chelsea to win the CL?

    Interesting one herps... and to be honest I think I'd find myself agreeing with you (in my head anyway). I think the injection of CL funds for Newcastle in particular would be massive. They already have good gate takings (better than ours) and they've been playing some free flowing, attractive stuff at times this season. I could see them investing heavily this summer if they manage to secure that top 4 berth.

    Spurs will do that regardless I think. They seem to have a mystery wishing well somewhere that allows them to find large transfer fees for targets.

    Another thing that I wonder at times too is whether if Roman Abromovich might bugger off and sell his 'toy club' sooner if he finally gets his hands on old big ears. That prospect REALLY appeals to me.

    Still though, heart is still going to be rootin' for Bayern on the 19th.....