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  • Loki Loki May 8, 2012 22:06 Flag

    Tactically, shouldn't we want Chelsea to win the CL?

    My thinking is this:

    If Chelsea win, that will relegate Newcastle/Spurs to the Europa league. Lets face it, Chelsea are ahead of us already in terms of better squad etc., so we're not really in competition with them at the moment. (arguable point I know).

    The last thing we want is more power to our immediate competitors surely?

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    • Hmmm. Bit convoluted but, yes, it clips the purse strings for Newcastle and Tottenham if it happens. However, that said, there are two ways to have the highest building; one, knock everyone else´s down and two, forget them and build the highest oneself. I´m for building and forget what others are doing.

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      • Ironically Loki, I've been thinking that for weeks now. There's really no question in my mind that Pardew has to be favorite for Manager of the year and his purchases have been outrageously good for very little laid out, 2 years in a row for that matter.. Tiote..

        So it just makes me wonder what that man could do with 20M to burn, particularly with alot of top tier talent coming from France and 2 superb internationals already in the team, Cabaye/Ben Arfa..

        With Harry staying, you always know what type of style and football to expect from Spurs, plus he's another who makes outstanding purchases without much money, so they could only get better, though they do have to contest with the Modric issue again, buying Adebayor, and potentially fighting off Bale interest.

        Then with Chelsea, the club IMO needs a serious overhaul, and with all the balancing of the books needed, and FFP kicking it, won't be able to do easily in 1 summer like years past, especially without CL money (unless they win).

        In the end, I don't think it really matters because for now, we are still behind all 3 in terms of top quality starting players, with a relatively young core and a ways to go. Plus the summer brings all sorts of surprises, so it almost equates to that dilemma some pondered 2 years ago of us losing to Chelsea at home w/ 1 match to go in order to help them edge out United.. That was really convoluted and twisted, and just delayed the inevitable..

    • Always difficult to decide who we'd prefer to win when we're not in there competing for a spot ourselves..

      I'm glad though that it puts smug Abramovich's nose out of joint.. That we've demoted them.

    • Newcastle and Spurs being above us is a blip whilst we are rebuilding. 7 years of Chelsea being decent is not. I would rather finish closer to the top of the league even by 3 points then care a toss about whether Newcastle have a single season in the Champions League or whether Tottenham get another midweek campaign to advertise their wantaway players around Europe.

      If anything, what your saying is contradictory. You say Chelsea arent our direct competition but Newcastle and Spurs (both comfortably above Chelsea) are. Yet, you want them to not make it in to a competition that will detract from their league form next season? That, is more power to us.

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      • Good point Peter. Newcastle don´t have the depth of squad to be able to run in the CL and the league successfully and anyway, both they or Tottenham may find themselves pipped if Chelsea win the CL.

        Furthermore, at this stage of our re-development, are there any who truly think that even if we did get fourth that we have the players to compete successfully in both competions?

        Me, I´ll be happy to see us build next season with a few wise player additions, a good cups run and a better league performance. Until fair play gets established, it´ll be impossible to compete meaningfully at all levels alongside the Chelskis, Cities, Barca´s, Reals, AC Milan´s etc with their hugely expensive squads and we have a ways to go before we can count ourselves "back" to where we would like to be.

    • That is a devilish way of looking at things. I like it.

      On some level yes your right. Whether in CL or Europa Chelsea will spend money this summer. 6th place is just not good enough, so unless Roman turns around if he wins in Munich and says I don't want to play with my toy anymore he's going to open his wallet. Add to the fact its still 50/50 on whether there will be a new manager at SB, who will want his own players, then the chances of strengthen no matter what happens.

      But Newcastle and Spurs are a different matter. Both if they want to strengthen they need CL money to do it. I'm not sure about Newcastle, as I think their owner might bank it rather than invest it, but Spurs are well run with a chairman who knows you need investment to succeed, and a manager who likes to spend. Of course the flip side is that without CL football, there is a stronger chance Spurs will actually weaken the squad. No money to keep Adebayor or find an equivalent replacement, and more chance Bale and or Modric decide the grass in greener somewhere else.

      So playing nasty I'd prefer Newcastle get 4th (assuming Ashley is true to form), Spurs 5th and Chelsea slip up in Bavaria, but end of the day the chip will fall where they will and we need to push ahead of them all. May not happen next season, but we’ve got to move in that direction no matter what the other boys do.

    • Interesting one herps... and to be honest I think I'd find myself agreeing with you (in my head anyway). I think the injection of CL funds for Newcastle in particular would be massive. They already have good gate takings (better than ours) and they've been playing some free flowing, attractive stuff at times this season. I could see them investing heavily this summer if they manage to secure that top 4 berth.

      Spurs will do that regardless I think. They seem to have a mystery wishing well somewhere that allows them to find large transfer fees for targets.

      Another thing that I wonder at times too is whether if Roman Abromovich might bugger off and sell his 'toy club' sooner if he finally gets his hands on old big ears. That prospect REALLY appeals to me.

      Still though, heart is still going to be rootin' for Bayern on the 19th.....